Popular Stories

Many friends complained that there’s no SIteMap and easy links to the popular stories. So here it is!


Most Popular Romantic Comedies/Thrillers:


When Gabbar met Basanthi

The Sweetest Prank

How to Decide who to Marry

A Second in Heaven…

Murphy’s Law

The Love Letter

The Home Work

Dushyaasana’s First Night

The Romantic Horror

The Zapak Gambit

Careless Goddess

One Fine Office Day

In Tsunade’s Memory

A Page from her Death




The Time Tourists

How to Kill Science

The Fundamentals of Time Travel

The Adventures of O (Chapters 1-3)

The Adventures of O (Chapters 4-6)

The Adventures of O (Chapters 7-9)

The Adventures of O (Chapters 10-12)

The Adventures of O (Chapters 13-15)

The Adventures of O (Chapters 16-18)

The Adventures of O (Chapters 19-21)




The Honour Killing

Stealing from God

Raam Raam Rokadjee




A Mild Case of a Harmless Infatuation

Child’s Play


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