Book: The Time Tourists (aka Earth’s Rebirth)

Chapter 1: How to Kill Science

Vibhuti: Burning "Man's Sins" into Ashes, to save Earth...

Timeline 1

As he looked at his Mother Earth, at the peak of her glory, a vision flew by Vibhuti. The planet earth was rolling down from the peak of the Majestic Pyramids- at lightning speed,  in the grandeur of Pyramids, he could almost hear the excitement in Mother Earth’s voice- he tries harder to hear her voice- her words. His pupils dilate- it was her deafening scream for help- the earth was rolling down towards the vast lifeless desert.

He could see his Mother Earth pale- the blues and greens on her face were fading and gathering the dust from the pyramids. She soon turned brown & her face was cracking- falling towards an abyss of sand…

And then he saw himself- running down the slope of that Pyramid, desperately in pursuit of his goal- Mother Earth. “I won’t let her get away!” he says and his heart beats so loudly- as if to answer her cries. He hears himself shout, “Mom! You’ve put on weight, you can’t outrun me! I’ll catch you with these small arms! And carry you around like an infant!” And he sees in his hands two paint brushes- one green, the other blue, trying to paint his Earth back to her real glory- the earth was not rolling towards her death- he was guiding her- helping her to go through rebirth…

The vision was exhilarating- he couldn’t wait anymore. He couldn’t waste time here anymore. He looked at his tour-mates. They read his expression and nodded back with happy smiles.

He changed the time co-ordinates, from 2781 AD to 10,000 BC.

“Mother, here we come, to save you.”


Timeline 2

It took only a few seconds, to travel from 2785 AD to 10,000 BC. Vibhuti, somehow, expected the travel through the Time Tunnel to last longer- and there was no light at the end of the Time-Tunnel. This disappointed him further. But he couldn’t shake away the strange feeling that was nagging him- his whole body felt charged up, refreshed. All his senses seemed to sense the world for the first time- it was all too strong- too much information for the brain- he felt like crying like a baby- like a baby taking birth. It was a rebirth…

He looked outside the window of his TimeBus, called the Time Tourister. The sun was about to rise- the sky had that strange red hue throughout- and the stars still shined magnificently- it all looked like a big red glittery bridal Saree. He pictured Earth in her bridal gown- he had never envisioned it. It was a strange comforting thought…

“It worked! It worked!”  Chandan shouted, “Hip Hip…”

“Hurrah!” shouted the other tourist Kumkum.

All the three tourists in the Tourister looked at each other with dancing eyes and shouted- “Hip Hip…”


“Touristers, ” said Vibhuti, “do a quick smoke test of all the equipments and our “special” gadgets. Meanwhile, I’ll check on the TimeBus 36 & TimeBus 90”

“Understood Captain” replied the Touristers.

TimeBus 36 and TimeBus 90 were the other two time travelling TimeBuses, though the crew in these two TimeBuses were not really Tourists. They were part of the Elite Military of UCSA. The job of the crew in these TimeBuses was to ensure that the tourists in the Tourister just observed during their time-travels. Today, they had failed their jobs…

“Rangoli! Can you hear me? Rangoli…” said Vibhuti through his Holocomm.

“You big Industrial exhaust pipe!!” shouted Ila  (read i-L-a) through the Holocomm. A noisy grainy hologram of Ila was now visible to Vibhuti.

“Well, hello yourself!” Vibhuti smiled.

“Why do the time co-ordinates show 10,000 BC?”

“Because we’re in 10,000BC!”

“It’s not possible! You’re playing some prank!”

“Did you look out of the window?”

The hologram went out of view and soon came back, shouting, “I see Llamas! They’re supposed to be extinct!”

“Not in 10,000 BC, Rangoli” smiled Vibhuti.

“Stop calling me Rangoli! You’ll call me Ila from now on!” yelled Ila.

“Till yesterday, you didn’t mind me calling you Rangoli, Rangoli”

“That was when I was your girl friend! You’ve screwed up big time, mister! We’re broken up! We’re through!”

“Ooooh! This is our 100th break up! How long do you think this’ll last?”

“Till you give me a valid reason as to what the hell we’re doing in 10,000 BC, with freaking Llamas roaming around!” yelled Ila.

“Aren’t you curious as to how we came to 10,000 BC in the first place? You always get your priorities wrong, Rangoli!” teased Vibhuti.

“Yeah! How did we come to 10,000 BC? One end of Time-Tunnel was built in 2781 AD and the other was built in 2785 AD! So we should have travelled from 2785 AD to 2781 AD, not freaking 10,000 BC!”

“Glad you asked! The answer is worth one Kiss!” winked Vibhuti.

“You Dicrotyl Sulfide in a pool of rotten vomit!”

“Till you kiss me, you won’t get any answers from me and, officially, you wouldn’t have forgiven me, unless you know the reason why we came here, so we’d still be broken up. Hence, during our break, if the pretty Kumkum over here, makes any moves on me, I shall not be held responsible for by actions!”

“You compressed decaying organic waste!”

“Ah! More picturesque words! I’m signing off! Bye!”

“Fine! Then I’m resetting the co-ordinates to 2785 AD! The TimeBuses are all linked, so we’ll all travel back to where we belong!” she said.

“You can’t change the time co-ordinates. The FoS made some changes before our travel. Only the Tourister can change the co-ordinates- and that’s me! So, signing off!”

“Wait! Wait! Vibi, I’m sorry! You won’t let your Rangoli die here in 10,000 BC, would you?”

“So we’re back to calling ourselves Rangoli and Vibi?”

“Yes! We’ll always be Rangoli and Vibi!”

“Excellent! So I’ll fill you on some details- let’s see- we were supposed to travel from 2785 AD to 2781 AD, in the three interconnected TimeBuses- one is Tourister, captained by yours truly, with two crew members, Chandan & Kumkum.  The second is TimeBus 36, aka, the Chatterer, called thus on account of three women onboard, captained by Lavanam, with two crew members, Rangoli and Haladi. The third is TimeBus 90, aka the Pepper, captained by Red, with two crew members, Green and Black. You’re able to follow so far?”

“You’re nicknaming everybody on this project now? We women are not Chatterers! And it’s Lavanya, not Lavanam. Also, Vasanti is not Haladi. I didn’t even get your joke of Red, Green and Black!” said Ila.

“You didn’t get Red, Green and Black? They’re all Peppers, silly, hence, they’re the Peppers!” said Vibhuti.

Ila started laughing, “Those three will kill you if they heard this!”

“Ah, they are already listening to us! And all the nicknames make us all a form of Old Indian powders!”

“Powder? Don’t even bother explaining! Just tell me, how the hell we came in 10,000 BC!”

“Hmmm, we were in these TimeBuses, which are interconnected, so if one TimeBus gives the co-ordinates of 1,000 AD, then all the three TimeBus go to the same time of 1,000 AD, right?”

“Yes! I know all that! It’s my freaking job to know that! But we can’t go to any other time, other than 2781 AD! Because only in 2781 AD, the other end of the Time Tunnel is there!”

“Nope! The FoS pulled the biggest con on the world! They made many Time Tunnels all across the Timeline, and displayed only one Time Tunnel to the world, in 2781 AD. And the FoS chose us Touristers to conduct the biggest Science Experiment in the history of mankind and sent me as a Time Tourist on this Tourister. They disabled the co-ordinates in your TimeBuses and allowed the configuration of time co-ordinates only in this Tourister. They couldn’t disable the Time Travel Functionality in your TimeBuses because UCSA kept strict vigil. Otherwise you guys would have still been in 2785 AD. Get it?”

“What? FoS fooled UCSA! And they chose you to conduct the biggest Science Experiment? But you’re not even a proper Scientist!”

“I am a Scientist, you baboon! Also, the nature of the experiment requires my expertise…”

“So what’s the experiment?”

“That I’ll tell you after one big Kiss!”

“Vibi! You are not supposed to do anything when you go back in time! You are supposed to just observe keeping your presence hidden! I hope the experiment is just about observing?”


“And what are we supposed to do, in the mean time? How long will this experiment last?”

“A day, or two at max. I advise you to stay in your TimeBus. Don’t go out- all the TimeBuses are parked thousands of kilometers from each other. So I’m not nearby, don’t go out looking for me- 10,000 BC men are no gentlemen like me!”

“We’re your bloody escorts! After time-travel, we’re supposed to be in the same location!”

“FoS, baby! They put bugs- all very special bugs in the system!”

“And what about food?”

“I’ve kept food pills and paste and Medical Kit in your Weapons Locker, that’ll last you a hundred years”

“Ration for 100 years?”

“Well you know how science experiments can be, sometimes, right?”

“Yes, yes! And where did you keep the weapons?”

“Back in 2785 AD!”

“We have no weapons? How are we supposed to defend ourselves in 10,000 BC!”

“You don’t need to! The TimeBuses are parked in safe locations and none of us have weapons, because we don’t need them”

“No, I won’t sit inside the TimeBus for a whole day! I want to come with you… ”

“You can’t!”

“Well, I’ll use the T tracker and find you!”

“Honey! They require Satellites. And we’re in 10,000 BC. Unless you believe in miracles, you can’t find me while I work here.  So stay put in your TimeBuses, while I finish up my work here…”

“And then we can return to 2785 AD?” Ila asked.

“Yes” Vibhuti replied, “And stay put in your TimeBus. Don’t go out. You never know when Tourister will time travel- and if you are not in your TimeBus, when Tourister time travels, then you’ll be left behind in 10,000 BC, forever…”

“You Colonoscope in the Hospital for the elderly!”


“You lied to your girl friend!” said Kumkum.

“Well, that’s what boyfriends generally do!” Vibhuti joked, “Everything’s working as it should?”

“Yes, no abnormality is noticed in our vitals and the equipments are all functioning!”

“Good! You heard that I and Rangoli are broken up?”

“Yes” replied Kumkum.

“So you shouldn’t have any issues, when we need to have issues to repopulate the Earth?”

“What? That’s not we’re supposed to do!”

“Well, sorry to break your bubble. I am the captain of the Tourister and I have access to privileged information!”

“But 10,000 BC has a human population of 5 million. Why would we need to repopulate the Earth?”

“Well our experiment may go wrong, and we may be the last people on Earth. Think about it! Our experiment was tested only by Simulators! And who codes Simulators? If Simulators were good enough, then nobody would do experiments in field! And look at Chandan, he’s an old man of 33, do you really think he’ll be able to take up this herculean task of repopulating Earth?”

“But there are other women! TimeBus 36 has three women!”

“Do you think they’ll help me to do anything good in this world? If they were the good guys, we would have recruited them at FoS. But they are the dogs of the UCSA Elite Military. They’re not to be trusted…”

“So that’s why you lied to your girl friend, and didn’t disclose the exact nature of our experiment?”

“Well, that makes sense to you?” asked Vibhuti.

“Yes, it does.”

“Then that’s why I lied to my girl friend! So you will help me, in any endeavor we might have to undertake?”

“With pleasure, Sir!” replied Kumkum.

“Oh God,” groaned Chandan “Kill me now! I don’t care about the planet Earth anymore!”

“Awesome vibrations in this Tourister! Let’s get started on our mission!” said Vibhuti as he opened the weapons box. The box was filled with small balls, known popularly as Bouncies. He took one of the Bouncies, placed it between his palms- as if he was holding holy water.

He looked at the Bouncy and said, “The future of Earth is in our hands” and the Bouncy started looking more like a globe- more like the blue-green Earth.


“So what should we do now, Captain? Wear our standard safety suit and step out in 10,000 BC?” asked Chandan.

“Nope. We stay on the TimeBus and do a drive-by around the planet,” said Vibhuti, “and wherever Human population is visible, we’ll drop one Bouncy towards them…”

“Sir, that’s not according to the plan—the plan was to interact with each human community and teach them how to use the ball before giving it to them…”

“It’s Christmas! I’m feeling like Santa! I’ll fly around the planet and give gifts to good little boys! Ho ho ho!”


“Ah, the mad scientist has no sense of humor. Well, a drive-by is quick. It’ll take years to interact with so many communities. Even if I figure out what languages they’re using, the other TimeBuses- Chatterer and Pepper won’t be idly sitting around. I want to give these guys as little time as possible. At least till phase 3, these guys should not be able to figure out what’s going on, let alone, interfere in any way with us… ”

“These factors were already discussed by FoS in detail! And they thought that spending more time with the people was a better idea than your drive-by idea! And you had agreed to it in the meetings!”

“That was just to get things rolling along on more important issues- like the ‘Hello Universe’ program… Even if I figure out which version of proto-Indo-European language or some other linguistically reconstructed language, the natives are using, the data that we have may not truly reconstruct a language in 10,000 BC. That is why the Bouncy was made. I am confident of the Bouncy’s ability to interact with the 10,000 BC man…  What do you think, Kumkum?”

“Bouncy’s good enough!” said Kumkum, “Let’s just drop them like rain-drops on a desert!”

“Good. We’ll drop the Bouncies- one per community, throughout the planet. And observe from a distance their impact, and take further decisions based on the success of the Bouncies…”

As the Tourister dropped the small Bouncies throughout the planet, Vibhuti thought that they were in fact, sowing the seeds of a new future. What will the Touristers reap? Only time could tell. Vibhuti seemed to tell to Earth- “I control time, so I decide what I reap”


“That was a good plan,” said Kumkum, “the other TimeBuses are still parked in their original points, and we have delivered the Bouncies to most communities in the planet. But looks like more communities were present than the number of Bouncies we brought along with us… ”

“The communities without the Bouncies will soon be replaced, like the Neanderthals were replaced by the early modern man…” replied Vibhuti.

“You think the Bouncies will have that big of an impact?”

“Yes! And also within each community there’ll be the struggle for the ownership of the Bouncy and the strongest and smartest male- the alpha male will finally get the Bouncy… Our experiment for a long-lasting peace will have its bloody moments…”

“Hey that’s sexist! Now why do you think only males will own the Bouncies- a female may as well be the alpha-male- I mean alpha-female of some community…”

“Ah the Bouncy is basically the world’s most fun video game- and boys love video games! It’s in their genes!”

“Sir, I’m ready!” came Chandan’s voice over the Digi-Walkie.


The next few days the Touristers would split up and observe the alpha-males of different communities in possession of the Bouncies.

“Status?” asked Vibhuti over the Digi-Walkie. He was perched alone on a hill with his surveillance gear observing the human community some distance away.

“The alpha here seems to have understood the various interfaces of the Bouncy. He has reached the level of agriculture video projections. He’s been watching the wheat videos for a while now…” said Chandan.

“That’s good! Chandan,” said Vibhuti, “Carry on towards the next community”

“Sir, the alpha here also seems to have figured out many functionalities of the Bouncy,” said Kumkum over the Digi-Walkie, “the whole community is sitting with him enjoying the projection of, what I think is Disney’s  version of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’!”

“Jungle Book? Already?” smiled Vibhuti, “That alpha must have finished the basics of agricultural and alphabet videos! He’s pretty fast!”

“Sir, I didn’t know Bouncy had Jungle Book! That’s an awful lot of memory wasted on just Entertainment” said Kumkum.

“Well, it’s a reward for watching boring informative videos on the Bouncy. After a few hours of lecture, Bouncy is designed to show one episode of Jungle Book”

“Looks like you are telling from personal experiences, Sir” joked Kumkum.

“It was worse than you think! They made me test it! So I put Jungle Book in between for my sanity! ‘Tom & Jerry’ was too violent!” said Vibhuti, “Chandan you reached the next community?”

There was an ominous silence.

“Chandan,” Kumkum asked, “You there?”

Chandan didn’t reply.

“Vibhuti! Your game is up!” came the voice of Lavanya over the Digi-Walkie.

“Lavanya!” said a shocked Vibhuti, “We missed you! We were just on our way to catch up with you!”

“Like hell you were!” yelled Lavanya, “It’s been a month here in this rotten world!”

“We too were stuck, like you, due to a technical error,” said Vibhuti, “I hope you’re not taking out your frustrations on poor Chandan?”

“He’s fine so far… But it all depends on how you… Take us back to where we belong!”

“Of course, I’m on my way to catch up with you. Hang on” said Vibhuti.

“No games, Vibhuti. I know you, if you do anything stupid, Chandan here might not enjoy your theatrics…”

Vibhuti was going crazy. True, he had went through situations like these in the war before. But the criticality of the current mission scared him. His immediate instinct was to leave Chandan behind and time-travel to next phase of the plan. The 10,000 BC man was doing amazingly well with the Bouncy. There was no need to teach him how to operate a sophisticated video game. But should he really give up his friend, without even a fight?

“Kumkum, watch your back! Rangoli & Haladi are looking for us” said Vibhuti to Kumkum, one-to-one, over the Digi-Walkie ”Chandan’s target community is nearer to me. So I’ll quickly check out the situation. You ensure that you don’t get caught, & hide until your next orders, and do not run towards the Tourister, OK? We cannot disclose its location!”

“Yes Sir” replied Kumkum.

As Vibhuti turned around, he found Ila with a club, swinging it at him. He managed to dodge just in time. He tackled her, by ramming his shoulder into her abdomen. Ila coughed blood and dropped the club. The same hands that were ever-desperate to caress her skin and soft lips, now wanted to choke her. He was on a mission. And Ila was not an ally. Right now, she was in between him and his destiny. He swung his left arm, but she dodged it. But the right hook from him surprised her and found its mark on her jaw and she was knocked down. He checked her. She was knocked unconscious.

“Kumkum,” said Vibhuti over the Digi-Walkie, “Change of plans, head towards the TimeBus. Ensure nobody follows you. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

“You got Chandan?” asked Kumkum.

“No, I’m bringing Rangoli… We’re leaving 10,000 BC… I was too close to fail our mission”


“Tie her up!” said Vibhuti, “We’ll be time travelling to 7000 BC. This is our chance. The Chatterers, at least are out of their TimeBus, and when we travel, they’ll be left behind in 10,000 BC…”

“But Chandan is out there with them!” said Kumkum.

“That’s even better,” said Vibhuti, “He’ll ensure that those two girls won’t do anything that jeopardizes our mission… He knew the risks involved. So he’ll understand why we left him behind…”

“Ok” said Kumkum slowly.

Vibhuti changed the time-coordinates to 7000 BC.

“Phase 1 complete!” smiled Vibhuti.


Timeline 3:

Going through Hyper-time still amazed him. It was a shame that he won’t be able to infinitely time-travel…

“Everybody alright?” asked Vibhuti.

“Yes sir!” replied Kumkum.

“I’ll go check on the Peppers and Chatterers over the Holocomm”

When he turned on the Holocomm, to his horror, Lavanya’s hologram was smiling at him.

“Always with your dirty tricks and lies, Vibhuti,” said the grainy hologram of Lavanya, “You’d have made a great Senator!”

“Thank God, you’re alright Lavanam, the TimeBus is having some issues. You’re all safe and sound there?” said Vibhuti.

“We still have Chandan. And Vasanti also. I’m assuming you have Ila? ”

“Oh yes, we have her. I guess, she’ll be in the same condition as Chandan for a while”

“Is that a threat?”

“I’m just telling…”

“No matter what kind of an ass you are, I don’t think that you would hurt your girl friend!”

“I’d have killed her if you didn’t have Chandan. I don’t care about Rangoli or Chandan, as much as I care for this mission. This mission is everything to me, so get it to your head, do not screw with me and just tag along, and you’ll be fine, Lavanam!”

“It’s Lavanya, Goddammit!” yelled Lavanya.

Vibhuti turned off the holocomm, and said, “Both Chatterers and Peppers are safe and sound and are in 7000 BC with us, Kumkum.”

“I heard that, Sir,” said Kumkum, “and so did Ila”

Vibhuti choked on this thought & turned, to find a tear in Ila’s eye.

“Don’t cry!” Vibhuti said, as he stepped towards Ila to wipe her tear.

“Don’t you dare touch me, you non-bio-degradable greenhouse fart!”

“Rangoli, that’s just how Captains’ talk! This mission is very important and I didn’t want her to hurt Chandan! I was just threatening; you know I wouldn’t hurt you!”

“Then free me. Untie me, if you love me!”

“Hey! I’ll untie you when I believe n my heart that you won’t jeopardize this experiment…”

“What is this freaking experiment, you have been talking about huh?  We got hold of your Bouncy device, which you were giving to those people… You changed the past! You changed it… So now 2785 AD won’t be the same again. The time we belonged to, is gone!”

“That’s exactly the point, honey! I want to change the world. The world in 2785 AD was heading towards a disaster. After the wars and global warming, oceanic acidification and the desertification of Earth, the people still didn’t give up their lifestyle. Man was always greedy. He always took more and more and more, till we reached a point where Earth had nothing else to give- Earth couldn’t sustain us, and we had nowhere else to go…”

“So, there were plans to make things right! What were you doing back in 10,000 BC? That Bouncy thing was showing videos of alphabets! You were teaching people how to read & write English?”

“Yes. I’m guiding the humanity now. I’m acting like a nanny of the naughty man.  In the first timeline, our timeline, man ended up almost destroying the planet. So now with this new power, I have the chance of changing it all- in the new timeline, man will learn many things- better ways to do agriculture, maintaining fertility of the land, protect the forests and love Mother Earth”

“How are you teaching all these things, Vibi? You were teaching these people all Science tricks… You were not teaching about Love of Earth…”

“There’s the catch. I’m not teaching them Science tricks exactly. What I’m doing is the world’s last Science Experiment- an experiment that’ll kill Science itself…”

“An experiment that’ll kill Science? Are you kidding? You’re a Scientist yourself and you love Science! You always believed that Science will solve all problems! Now how can you kill it- huh? How can you kill Science?”

“Yes, I do believe Science can solve all problems- except one. The greed of man. Man always wants more power, more money, more fame. Whenever a scientist made any great scientific discovery, later on others would add economy to it and sell it. Dynamites, Industries, Space travel, Time Travel! The power of Economics, the greed for power blinds man from the truth. He cannot see it. He’s destroying the planet and he won’t even accept the fact that he’s destroying it. All he cares about is money and leaves the cleaning up for the next generation. But the next generation does the exact same thing. Global warming has been debated since ages, but nothing happened. With the launch of ‘Hello Universe’ program, the FoS had to take drastic measures. So it decided to kill Science!”

“But how can you kill Science? The Bouncy will kill Science? Science is not some bug that you can squish- it’s a result of natural curiosity of man, it’s in his sprit!”

“Oh we can kill Science. If everybody was made to believe that he was truly happy and content, and not curious, or were conditioned to be not curious, then the spirit of Science is killed… Science was a means to satisfy curiosity, or gain fame, power or make money. If we kill the ends, then there would no need to explore the means! If everything was answered for man, then he won’t be curious. If nobody cared for fame or money or power, then man could be finally content.”

“Can you really turn man into some… some sage?”

“We’ll create a new world order- the whole world having one belief, one language, one faith, one Religion, one name of God, one God,  and one thought, then…”

“That’s not possible!”

“It is possible. I’m creating a new religion- the world religion- and already the 10,000 BC man is following it, without even realizing it- he’s been inadvertently brain-washed- the prosperity he’ll be enjoying for the past 3,000 years would be enough, for him to completely trust the Bouncy—which actually is a small indestructible robot, designed to give flowery fragrance. Act like a mosquito repellant. An alarm system.  Warn about predators. Show educational videos on agriculture, irrigation, canals, granaries. Teach him the alphabet and numbers. Entertain him. Give him true luxury, which was hitherto unheard of! Give him subtle messages of the religion created by FoS. Give him ways to create surplus food- which in effect, will give him time to explore art. Give him time to build defenses. Give him to build a society. Give him time to pray to a God- the same God being followed by the 5 million people of 10,000 BC… He’ll never need to look for answers elsewhere- the Bouncies have all the answers…”

“You’re creating a religion? You don’t even believe in God! How can you say such things to me, you Hypocrite?”

“That’s the beauty of it isn’t it? I may not believe in God, but I believe in the Good. I believe that man will destroy our Home planet, our Mother Earth- and to prevent this, killing Science is the only solution.  The Bouncy isn’t the whole plan, honey. There’s a HOLY BOOK which I’ll be distributing now- which is indestructible- which has all human knowledge, all gifts of Science like medicine, techniques for better food production, recipes, clothing, housing and architecture, sanitary techniques- all human knowledge- all of the scientific truth abstracted into religious habits. Man will follow this HOLY BOOK with true belief and conviction. Any thought which is outside of the HOLY BOOK is a sin, any rational reasoning is a sin, any enquiry is a sin, any question is a sin, anything that is even remotely related to scientific process is a sin- and according to HOLY BOOK, punishable by death. Thus world benefits from both Science and Religion- and man can be finally content… he can be truly happy for the first time! And he won’t have the scientific tools or means that will destroy Earth. He’ll get only the things that he truly needs and deserves. Not all men need Nuclear Power or motor vehicles breaking the Sound barrier!”

“Have you gone mad, Vibi? Did FoS really think that this would work? Do you truly believe this? What you are doing is not just kill Science, but also you are killing Religion… You are attempting to defeat their very spirits; will you be successful in doing this? I don’t think so… When did you become this monster?”

“You know why I love your name so much? You know what ‘Ila’ means? It means Earth! As I said, Rangoli, you just watch me, there’s no force in the world that can stop me from the saving my Ila- my Earth!”

To be continued in next Chapter

For a detailed treatment to the Time Travel in the “The Time Tourists Universe” please read the appendix 1:

The Fundamentals of Time Travel


I’d like to thank Srikanth (Terrible Shrek) for the beautiful photos above,  discussions (sometimes hours at a stretch), the enthusiasm and support he has  given for this particular story.  I also like to thank him for the dialogue- “I don’t believe in God, but believe in Good” meant for the character Vibhuti.

For the initial discussion of the idea presented in this chapter, I’d like to thank the following lovely friends –

Vikram, Pavan, Aravind , Raghu, Pradeep, Sarvesha, Varun, Krishnan, Nakul, Rupa , Abhay, Sharukh, Guruprasad, Suhas, Hemantha, Swarag, Anukthi, Laxmi, Prasad Chubachi, Prasad S, Sriram,Pavithra, Aakshatha, Sai, Vardhini, Vinay M.N & Thilak

Thanks Guys! 😀 Hope it came out, the way it was expected 🙂

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