The Adventures of O (Chapters 7-9)

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Pls read this before Chapters 7-9

The Adventures of O (Chapters 1-3) (Chapters 4-6)

Chapter 7

The Language of God

“E!” I smiled, “What a pleasant surprise!”

“You giant whalehole!” she said struggling; “I can’t even punch you or slap you on your arm! You really have crossed all limits!”

“Easy E!”

“Easy? Easy?!” she yelled, “You are the one who should take it easy! Do you think controlling everybody will bring back your father? If you could control everybody on the planet why not control your father till he comes to you?”

“Because, even if I am sending the command to my father’s unique ID, it’s not reaching him.” I said with slight disappointment, “either he has figured out a way to break free from following the commands or he’s not there in planet or he’s, he’s dead”

I never  cry, but being with E & talking about my dad, the combination almost always chokes me!

“Your father could break free from following the commands?”

“I don’t know, it’s possible”

“Do you know how to break free?”

“No, that’s what worries me. With these commands anybody can take over the world so easily. So if I educate the whole world & put pressure on them to find ways to break free then we can truly be free. My tyranny will result into true freedom!”

“What,” she was startled, “How much have you thought about this whole thing?”

“A year and a half…”

“And you never told me!”

“Because you wouldn’t understand & I’m sure you would have convinced me to not do what I have done! I’m scared of your power over me, and I wanted to do this, really really badly.”

“You know this will not end well?”

“I know. I’m prepared to pay the price…”

“You know I want to slap you? Right?” she was trying to control her anger & tears.

“I know”

I kissed her. And she kissed me back. I was so afraid, that she wouldn’t kiss me back, that I kissed her intensely as if I was kissing her for the last time. I never want to kiss her for the last time, it’s the scariest thought.

“Promise me you won’t die!”

“What?” I was surprised, “I can’t promise that, I can’t predict the future… I will die one day”

Before I could finish the sentence she kissed me again. And we kissed for a long time and I rubbed her leg a little.

“You know I want to kick you right?”

I smiled.

“So what’s the plan? You’ll become Gabbar, the greatest villain of all time, for the public, is it?”

I smiled again. “Yes”

“You’ll be hurting the religious sentiments of a wide spectrum of people, you know” she said, “I know this because you’ve hurt mine. And people have really strong faith; they will not tolerate a man who plays God. You will be questioning  their very foundation; you will question their faith, their most precious feeling. Faith is what makes us beautiful, so wonderful & faith is what makes us human, faith defines us- it is who we are…”

“It’s what we Do that defines us & not faith. You can change your faith but can’t change what you’ve done or probably will do”, I said, and we were getting serious, we never chatted like this before, “I know I’d be hurting a lot of people- religious people , politicians, terrorists, anarchists, moralists, non-moralists, I mean I’ll be hurting everybody, including me. But this is something I must do for a better tomorrow for the whole world…”

“Maybe you have accidentally found the language of God…”

“The language of God… ” I said, impressed, “I never really thought about it in that way. You mean to say that this could be the language God uses to command people with?”


“I don’t know, I don’t think God would use a language that could be easily used by machines & control us to the astounding level of precision. I mean, I could control a fly, command it to sit in the eye of a man & command the man not to blink, at all, even if the fly is in his eye, I mean why would God need this much precision of control?”

“You put a fly into S’ eye?” she said in a surprised tone.

“Ya, both of them.” I laughed, “He kept bathing for hours after that!”

“S and took bath, can’t picture that!” she smiled, “Ew! I don’t want to picture that!”

I was glad we were laughing. I kissed her again, I just wanted to hold her & be like that for ever… I could use the commands to make it happen…

“Do not be evil!” she said

“What? What?”

“You were thinking of using those devil’s commands on me weren’t you?” she accused with a glint of sparkle in her eyes.

“How did you know that!” I was startled, “I mean, no, I was not thinking of using the command on you, or any, huh, hot girl like that supermodel Vedthara, I was not gonna use those commands… ”

“You know that I want to hit you with my knee right in the crown jewels?”

“I know…”

Thank god for the commands!

“How do you know that I haven’t already used the commands on you?”

“Baby you don’t need the commands for me, I’m already your slave”


We kissed again. Man, I should have told her about this long ago, we could have kissed like this all the time & I was worried that she’d leave me… I kissed her even harder.

“I have to go now, but before I go,” she said, “Promise me, you will not tell publicly about your personal views? Like no talking about God, no scientific proofs that God is not there, any such stupid science mumbo jumbo…”

“What? Come on! There’s no God, there’s proof all around”

“You know I want…”

“To hit me in the jewels, I know.”

“So promise me, no personal opinions. You will not force upon people your style of living or choices, O.K? Promise?”

“Aww, but I already kind of forced them to be vegetarian when I said that they can’t kill animals”

“Let that be an exception, eating poor little animals, those monsters!”

“You know you’re a hypocrite, right?”

“Totally,” she winked, “and I love it!”

“What about mushrooms, insects, fungus etc. should I allow them to eat those?”

“Eww! That’s disgusting! Nobody should eat that!”

“O.K. then, is there any other thing you want me to force people to do?”

“I don’t like the boys who whistle at me when I go to the bus stop, can you do something about that, Mr. Evil Dictator?”

“You are drunk with power, my lady!”

She giggled. “I have to go now.”

“No, no, you just came…”

“Mom would worry”

“I can totally control her & make her not worry about you”

“I’m going…”

“I love you!”

“Did you just say that to make me stay or did you mean it”

“I felt like saying it…”

“You know, just give me one shot at hitting you. That’s my request, Mr. Evil Dictator!”

Chapter 8

The Interview

“What should I call you, Sir?” asked the TV reporter.

“O” I said.

“Alright, people, you heard him, we call him, O, like his dad used to call him”

“People who like me call me, O”

“Well shall I call you Mr. Dictator”

I smiled, she was a bit more sarcastic than she usually is towards her regular guests. Guess I deserved it. “You can call me anything if you don’t like me”

“Mr. Asshole of the millennium, maybe” she said, “Oops I thought I couldn’t call you that to your face, but apparently I can! I’m sorry Mr. Dictator”

“Hey don’t worry; you can call me an asshole, if you like that better”

“Actually I do, Asshole” she smiled.

“Are you aware of the deep impact of your stupid actions on the whole world?”

“Maybe not, enlighten me…”

“Well people are scared; they’re scared of your powers. They have seen what you could do & you may not have shown all that you are capable of, which I’m betting is the case & the unknown scares them. It scares me too. They can’t trust anybody; they think anybody could be your spy. They can’t be the happy merry selves they used to be just two days ago, and all because you want to find your dad? Tell me now, what is your motive for all this?”

“Wow, you’re good lady.” I said with a smile, “Finding my dad is one of my reasons, yes. It’s not because he’s my dad & I love him. I am looking for him because he’s the one who did all the research on the commands that I am using to control the world. He may know more about the origins & purpose of these commands”

“So you want to find him because you want to become more powerful than you already are?”

“No, I want to know who designed these commands & why. This may help us to break free from these commands”

“So you want to find a way to break free from these commands? Is it even possible? & if yes, why would you even want to explore these ways. Wouldn’t they help to topple your dictatorship?”

“Yes, I want to find ways as to how we can break free from these commands because even I, can be controlled by these commands. I am a human being after all, the same like you”

“I doubt that, sorry,” she interrupted me, “Please continue…”

“As I said, absolutely anybody from this planet can be controlled by any being with these commands. This presents a direct risk to the safety of the whole planet, hey if a 18 year old can control a planet, think of what a really evil person can do with these commands… these commands are the shackle for our freedoms, we must find ways to break free from these invisible shackles”

“Funny that you keep mentioning that if an evil person were to control the world… are you implying that you are not evil? Doesn’t making everybody your puppet, make you an evil asshole?”

“You are right”

“I am?”

“Yes, you are. It does make me an evil asshole. But the degree to which you are a puppet does matter. Even without me, before you were a puppet, to some degree, to the society, you played by the rules the society set, and when society was not watching you did as you pleased & broke any laws that you wished to. But now under my dictatorship, you can’t break any laws. I have committed a crime, but not all crimes have same penalty, so judge me fairly. If a really evil person takes over these commands, he can wipeout an entire culture or a race or even all women or homosexuals or heterosexuals depending upon what he’s biased about & to what degree he hates. Absolutely anybody can become an evil monster with the powers that I possess, so it’s natural that the people are scared. That is why I’m having this interview…”

“Tell me more…”

“You can take my own dad’s story. He was definitely controlled by these very commands into murdering my sister & attempted to murder me. My dad is a gentle soul. He loved everybody; he wouldn’t kill a mentally disturbed person…”

“Were you mentally disturbed when he attempted to murder you?”

“No!” I said, irritated at her lack of home work, “My sister was, she was at a mental health institute when my dad killed her. He was being controlled, I’m sure of it”

“Do you have any proof for this?”

“No, it’s my hunch.”

“So do you take all your decisions based on hunches? Are you going to control us all, based on hunches?”

“Madam, I think you are over-reacting…”

“Over-reacting?” she riled up, “It’s you, who have over-reacted to your tiny little problems & hunches. We have been living quite free, all these millions of years, until you thought that there’s a threat. God made us. Who knows His design, you may have just hit the right button on your lab & found the key, maybe it was a fluke & you think you are being controlled by what- government? Aliens? Dinosaurs? & your dad was controlled to kill a mentally ill person? Are you for real? Do not play with lives of people! Do not play with me or my kids…”

“Woow! I mean what should I say, that I’m sorry?”

“You’re sorry. Like all the men out there, you think you can do whatever you want & say you’re sorry & women will forgive like the time-honored tradition of forgiving in our culture. This time, I’m not going to forgive you. I’m going to join those protestors outside. I really hate you, O. You’re the same age as my oldest son, he’s just as stupid as you are, he’s even passionate like you- he wants to save the world! But I have news for you- the world doesn’t need saving. It was perfectly safe till you opened this can of worms! You know what’s going to happen? You look like a nice decent kid, maybe as you say, let’s assume that you do have a good heart and your intentions are noble, but what next? What if you fail somehow or die, this technology of yours falls into the wrong hands & they control everybody, including you or your dead body… what then, huh?”

“Like all the great scientists who made great discoveries which resulted in the making of devastating weapons that kill people mercilessly- what do you think about how they felt? They died with greatest regret. No man should die thinking about the number of people who died or half-died, the misery they caused among their loved ones etc etc, because of his one stroke of technical genius & horrendous moral stupidity! Men with ripe ages have made those mistakes. For glory or for patriotism, they ignored their moral obligation towards humanity. They were stupid like you. And once you have shown the world your shiny new toy, everybody would want it, they all wonder how they lived all these years without it, they want to play with it & it no longer remains a toy. Any weapon can be used as a means of protection, as defense or to destroy, for offense, but the end result, no matter how great the cause was, the effect always, is misery, even for the ones who used the weapons.”

She made my heart bleed.  Dear reader, please understand that I am no crybaby. But the way she rolled over me, she made me realize my foolish mistake. Was it a mistake?

“Looks like you have already done the worst damage,” she continued, “Don’t make it even worse, my boy. Just think of this, I’ll try to speak in your own language- what if, as you say, these commands were designed by some government or aliens, what do you think they’ll do? Wouldn’t they retaliate? Are you prepared to go to war with them? Maybe you thought when you brought the whole world under one banner- yours, that there will be no fighting, no war, because there are no two sides, because all the people are on one side- yours, but what if your unification of the whole world leads to a bigger war, which we’re not prepared for…”

I didn’t know what to say to her. I just kept trying to control my tears, but it was getting tougher & tougher, after every word she spoke. Here was a true humanitarian who’d have rejected great power for greater good. Did I not think about this enough? Did I not know about the risks, apart from the obvious personal risks? I had to answer her; I had to answer to the world…

“I agree I have been foolish, maybe even egotistic and self-righteous. I was seeing the world with narrow eyes. But even after hearing your thoughts, profound and meaningful as they are, I probably would have done the same thing, as I have already done. These commands are not meant for our safety, they are designed to make us slaves. And I want to be free. I want to be free, even if it means dying in the process. But along with me, I have involved everyone’s life, and maybe I have brought everybody’s life in great danger, which I accept I am guilty of…”

“But if I have learnt anything from our freedom struggles, from Gandhi, from Mandela, from Martin Luther King Jr, is that it’s worth our lives to fight for tomorrow. If I don’t fight, I stand no chance of winning, unless fate has a hand in it. And if you know fate as I do, then you’d agree, that fate is a bitch, excuse me for my French. I am gonna fight for me, for my loved ones back home, and I am gonna fight for you lady, and your kids and for everybody else in this world. I am gonna fight, and I’m gonna win, because I’m the man!”

I didn’t know what people were thinking at that minute, maybe they thought I was a stupid naïve boy or maybe they thought I was a man true to my words, but when I saw in the eyes of the TV reporter, I knew I had just got myself a new fan. She hugged me and said, “Let’s just hope the worst doesn’t happen and if it does, then your best efforts are good enough, O. I’m gonna call you O, O.K?”

I smiled and said “Yes ma’m & would you like to be one of my advisors”

“Only if you call me Pavithra”

“It’s a deal, Pavithra”

“That’s it. We’re off air now!”

“That was a great interview, Pavithra. Thanks for believing in me…”

“I don’t believe in you!” she said, “I’m sure you are going to screw it up…”

“But you said…”

“That was during the show! Everybody’s scared of you; I just tried to console them, if they sympathize with you, maybe understand you a little, they’ll not be worried all the time! Look kid, I know that you were just trying to be a macho man, I don’t see a Hitler in you, I really don’t, but you are not competent and you are stupid. You don’t have enough skills required to rule the whole world. Actually nobody has the skills to rule the world.”

“But, I’m confident …”

“You can’t kid. Start believing that! Sooner you are able to do that, the better it is for you. And don’t worry about us- the world has seen worse people than you in power and we have survived them all. And we’ll survive you and your stupidity too. So don’t worry about us. You just have fun, play with your video games, fly a jet fighter, maybe even in a rocket, go to beaches & parties & meet some girls, basically have fun while it lasts… because it’ll all end one day and soon, and you are gonna pay for your stupidity. Do me a favor, entertain us while you are in power, and don’t kill yourself when you aren’t”

Chapter 9

Defense lab 12

“Was it staged?” E asked.

“What? No!” I said.

“It was good, it was as if it was scripted to perfection. People are beginning to hate you less…”

“Well, that’s the only good thing that came from the interview…”

“What are you talking about? The interview was a hit!”

“Well it was not a hit with my ego; she called me stupid at least 5 times after the interview. She doesn’t believe that I will be able to protect the world…”

“What, protect the world from what exactly?”

“I don’t know, aliens, maybe. Those commands are not good for us. I can feel it; the intent of the commands is not for the good of mankind O.K”

“Or it may be God’s design…”

“Come on, E, don’t get me started on that!”

“It’s not just me. There are billions of people protesting, telling you that you are playing God. And you have no right to do what you are doing…””

“E, I can’t have this talk now, O.K”

“You can’t keep running from your responsibilities, O”

“Alright, alright, tell me what would you do if you were in my shoes?”

“Huh, umm, let’s see… I’d make world a better place, work for true peace…”

“And how exactly are you going to do that?”

“Well, I will… I will… umm, that won’t do, I will… I will…”

“When you find out how, tell me, alright. Look E, I could have controlled the whole world anonymously and I could have found my dad, maybe. I went public because I want everybody to help themselves to find ways to break free from these commands. When billions of smart people focus their energies to do one thing, however impossible it may initially seem, I feel that we can do it. Hey if it is God’s design and we broke free from the commands, that still wouldn’t do much harm, because, hey, He’s God, He’ll understand, we are His children and that we are stupid, he can do something, & make it right again. But if I’m right, and if the some aliens have designed these commands, and if we break free from these commands, then it would give us a fair shot at a fight and if we don’t break free, then we are as good as slaves for these aliens and we won’t be able to do anything, I mean, anything at all. This exact message is being given to the billions of people right now by S. He’s good at such things. He’s organizing all kinds of groups to free us, and make us be prepared for anything that may come. I am the dictator of the whole world, I have all the resources, I have the power and I have the will- I will win, no matter what lies ahead, and we will be free.”

“If what you say is true, then how are we going to prepare huh? We have no clue what the aliens are capable of, who they are or what. We have zero information about that! How can we win this war?”

“That is what S is working on. Till then we can roam freely knowing in our hearts that nobody would steal from us, we’ll not get mugged, we’ll not get killed, our daughter’s won’t get kidnapped or raped, you know. I am controlling people, forcing them to find a way for me to be not able to control them. We’ll use these very commands to find a way to break free from them…”

“You are serious,” she said getting impressed, “Earlier what you were telling me was to go and fight in pitch dark, and now you are telling me that you are getting lights soon. That’s what I wanted to hear.”

I smiled. I was making progress with her at least.

My mobile started to ring. It was S.

“Can you come to defense lab 12, straight away? We have got a talking Rhino!!” he said.

“On my way…”

Defense lab 12 was supposed to hold the freaks of nature. I mean, they were not humans, but sentient beings, anomalies of evolution so to speak During initial testing of IDing everybody on planet, I had found a few IDs with unknown DNAs. For these beings I had sent a separate transmission, telling them to join us at defense lab 12, if they could and if not we’ll get in touch with them, say some sea animals may not make it here and some land animals who do not want to risk being seen and so on and so forth.

I was hoping that these sentients could help us give info about the commands.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” S was jumping around, ”O you have got to see this- we have got a talking Rhino!”

We met the rhino, he didn’t say much except that he hates fire. S called me all the way to defense lab 12 to meet the rhino who says just, “I hate fire!”

“S!!! He’s useless!” I screamed.

“But he’s a talking rhino! And he’s so cute, I mean look at his nose! We can make him act in movies! He’s a star!”

“S, do you have anything else?”

“Oh, we have a blood thirsty Raakshasa (A Hindu mythological demon) too”

“Cool!” I said.

“Is it safe?” E asked.

“Of course. Rock, his name is Rock, can’t even kill an animal, let alone humans, and that’s why he’s really hungry. He’s a pure non-vegetarian. I felt sorry for he poor fellow. But it’s awesome to touch his belly, it sounds like a huge cave!”

We went to Rock’s designated resting area, only, he was not resting. He was 10 feet tall, had hair all over his body, like a huge black bear and he had horns, like a bull and had really well formed canine teeth. And he was hungry. He did not look scary at all. Hey you can look at the picture S took.

“Rock hungry, Rock hungry!” Rock kept shouting.

“Let’s just feed him something. We should have some dead animals right? For situations like this? And once he’s had his fill we’ll talk with him…”

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