The Adventures of O (Chapters 4-6)

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Writer’s  comments:

Pls read this before Chapters 4-6

The Adventures of O (Chapters 1-3)

Chapter 4

The Toss

I was nervous. Many high profile people were here. Even the media was here, telecasting LIVE to billions of people. Can’t they understand how stupidly we were wasting so much for just a “dinner” People never really get that message, they don’t think about it. They were busy seeing who all came & who didn’t & guessing who didn’t get invited and all such gossip. If you tell them this fact, they’d nod their heads & agree. They even sympathize.  But I know better, that we all are hypocrites. We all say how much food, how much money was wasted at a party and blame the hosts & guests about their reckless irresponsibility, but given a chance we’d love to crash that party & have “good” time.

It was time for me to be a hypocrite myself and have some fun.

I saw some people around Mr. Prime Minister asking him to join in the “”Party Game” they were playing.

“It’s too complicated for me!” he replied. Everybody laughed and shouted “Come on!”

“Some other game, perhaps” he said.

“I know a game, Mr. Prime Minister, which you might find amusing” I said joining the crowd.

E was not happy & so were the other adults. But Mr. Prime Minister humored me & said, “Tell me all about it, my boy!”

“Well take this coin & toss it up,” I said slowly, “and I’ll guess the outcome of the toss, before the coin hits the ground.”

He smiled, or tried to smile, I couldn’t clearly make out his expression. Not the greatest of the party games, now, was it? Still he was the Prime Minister & he had to be nice to people while he was still in power, if he wanted to be in power in future as well. So he said, “Alright, let’s do this & get it over with!” and tossed the coin.

“Heads!” I said.

Everybody’s eyes were on the coin flipping through the air & I was beaming wildly with a victory sign towards the camera. Oh I looked stupid. The first time I came on T.V. & I looked like a complete idiot.

The coin hit the ground & it was Heads.

“You got lucky!” people shouted.

“One more time!” E said. At least she found the game interesting. I wasn’t sure if she knew that I was going to be right, again, or she thought I’ll get it wrong & lose face, look like an idiot, which I already had done successfully, LIVE, in front of a billion people.

“Yes!” smiled Mr. Prime Minster & before he could toss it, I said, “Tails!”

The coin went up in air. My eyes met E’s. We were having a silent conversion of our own.

“You are so screwed!” she said, or, to be more precise, I heard her telepathic voice. It was a bit scary for me, that I understood her, just by looking at her eyes. Was I this close to her?

It was Tails. Everybody cheered. A lot of noise was getting generated around us & the crowd grew bigger and bigger around me & Mr. Prime Minister. Even the guards got hooked into this.

“Again!” was the demand.

Mr. Prime Minister kept tossing the coin & I kept “guessing” the outcome of the toss correctly.

“Check him!”

“Is he cheating”

“I can’t believe this, can he really see the future?”

The TV reporters checked me if I was wearing any kind of device or anything. They couldn’t find anything. It was a clean show.

They wanted me to fail, and when I didn’t, they wanted, even more, for me to fail, and yet, I didn’t. This stretching of wanting more, and more, became so intense, so breath taking & awe inspiring that it hit the limit of their desires for me to fail, and still, I didn’t fail. It was as if, each of my victory was their defeat.

Soon I found the feeling that they started wanting me to win and win and win. And each of my victory was theirs. My glory was theirs.

I had to take it to the next level.

“Maybe there is some trick, Ladies & gentlemen,” I started, “So I won’t guess the outcome of the next toss, alright? Mr. Prime Minster will guess the outcome & you- Mr. Reputable TV reporter, you toss the coin.”

The reporter took a coin from his purse, & smiled accusingly at me. Everybody laughed, they were enjoying themselves. World’s greatest game was being played after all. I gave a “You, Oh You Smarty pants!” pointed finger gesture towards the reporter & a go ahead nod & smiled.

The reporter tossed the coin. Mr Prime Minister said “Tails!” And sure enough it was tails.

The reporter tossed the coin again. Mr Prime Minister said “Heads!” And sure enough it was heads.

This went on happening. Mr. Prime Minister had guessed 43 times correctly & ZERO times wrongly.  People were going mad with disbelief and awe.

Mr. Prime Minster was heard shouting, “I love this game!”

As is my motto- take it to the next level, I proceeded to take it to the next level.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” I said, pretending I was Amithabh Bachchan, “Are you having fun?”


“You want more?”


“Music,” I shouted & the music from “Sexy thing” started playing and people started to dance & laugh like they never did before. All of them dancing like they were the clones of Michael Jackson.  People were shouting at top of their voices.

“I can Moonwalk!” shouted somebody, “I always wanted to do that but never could!”

Everybody were having a great time, I knew that the whole world was watching me, E was watching, probably even Dad was watching me. I had to say something smart & memorable.

“I’m the man!” I shouted & the whole crowd minus E shouted “He’s the man!”

“Come on shout that, O’s the man!” I said getting excited.

O’s the man!!!”

And that my dear reader is the greatest feeling a guy can feel, legally, before he turns 18! I was feeling like James Bond saving the damsel in distress & see the villain bite the dust while I bite into the damsel’s neck!

E punched me in the stomach as she was Moonwalking. And I suffered excruciating pain while she took hold of my soft left ear & took me to a corner in a secluded room. She was still Moonwalking.

“What did you do?” she asked & I knew that she meant business, even though she was Moonwalking. So strictly no jokes, especially no PJs (poor jokes) in my reply was expected.

“Ï just showed them who the man was” I smiled, trying to charm her.

It failed. She punched me again. Still moonwalking.

“Again, what did you do?”

“Am I being interrogated here?”

She punched me again. Still moonwalking.

“You want the truth?”

She nodded.

“I’m gonna find my dad…”

“By making people moonwalk?” she said in disbelief.

“Ya, if that’s what it takes!”

I saw rainy clouds well up in her eyes.

“Why, why do you keep doing this?” she managed to say between her sobs, “I know you are smart and you can play with your father’s toys in the lab, but using them, like this, on people? When did you become this?”

“Hey, don’t cry!” I said trying to console her, “There’s a lot I wanna say to you, but you’d never understand…”

“You can say anything to me…”

“No, I can’t say anything to you, not this, no” I found myself crying too, “If I said those things to you, I know for sure, you wouldn’t understand and you may never talk to me again… Even after I knew that you’d never talk to me again, should I have told you?”

“I love you, O” she was hysterical, “I would always love you & always be there for you, no matter what. Don’t hold back on me, please, tell me, whatever it is…”

This was the first time she told me that she loved me. I was not gonna ruin this night with some petty facts & being honest. It was not a pretty sight to see the girl you love cry, much less while she’s moonwalking at the same time…

“I’ll tell you everything tomorrow,” I said, “I promise, come on let’s have some fun. You want to go somewhere else?”

She nodded.

Chapter 5


“You sure you’ll be safe?”  said S. If you are curious- S, his name is Sajjan, meaning a gentleman. But he was no gentleman. He preferred being called Saajan, especially by girls. Saajan means Sweetheart. Life, as usual, was not without some irony even for him. S was nobody’s Saajan. Girls pretty much loathed him, and he pretty much loved them. The more a girl despised him, the more he went after her, thinking her hate is, in fact, love for him. Yes, he’s a moron.

“Ya, you sure wanna sleepover here?” I said, “It could be dangerous for you, though not for me…”

“Yeah, sure,” he winked, “I might become popular tomorrow, and the girls love popular guys”

“Please tell me you are doing this for me & not for the girls!”

“For you too, buddy, for you too. Hey I have updated VIRUS last night!”

“Yeah?” VIRUS is OS-cum-program software that S had written. It can run on any OS due to its dynamic auto-coding and talk with any device. Even if there is no OS to run the VIRUS, it automatically downloads itself on any digital hardware and talk to the device. I mean, this is one vicious software. It can make multiple copies of itself, talk with its other copies, take decisions, crash the device, pump out data, absolutely anything. But the good thing is, it understands S & my needs, and act independently. It’s also fully capable AI. I mean this VIRUS is everything.

“Here, I’ll load it into your watch, keep talking to her…” he said & VIRUS downloaded her latest version on my super watch.

“Hello Sexy, my, O you are looking hot in those pajamas”

“Oh S! You always have to make your programs female and sexy?”

“And horny!” sighed VIRUS.

“VIRUS, you will not speak to me unless I talk to you first OK?”

“OK, over and out, major!” she said and went into Silent mode.

“O, the codeword to unleash VIRUS in attack mode is, Super-Sweet-S-Style!

“Oh Brother!”

We couldn’t sleep even after two hours. I was just thinking about what all I’ll be doing with this new power when I heard a loud thud near the window. But before I could check it out, I was knocked out.

When I woke up, I found out that I wasn’t in my home anymore and I saw the man I was looking for, for the past three months- Angel Eyes. I didn’t know why he was called so, but he had some pretty freaky eyes.

“Angel eyes!” I said slowly, rubbing my head.

“O, my dear boy,” he said, “looks like you hit the jackpot!”

“Yes I did,” I said, “And you my angel, you are going to hit a wall!”

As soon as I finished the sentence, Angel Eyes was gracious enough to run, fast, towards the wall & hit it. His nose started to bleed. It was a sweet sight.

“You did hit the wall!” said S. Good old S with his obvious comments. I laughed, with a hint of evil. I never realized that I had an evil laugh! I had been practicing in front of a mirror all these days and couldn’t laugh in a convincingly evil way.

S gave a big appreciative thumbs up to me and said “Nice!”

As expected, a dozen black commandos came running with guns pointed towards us.

“O, you got it covered?” said S, “All of them?”

“Yes” I said, “Boys drop your weapons & be kind enough to show us your pink undies with flowers on them!”

Angel Eyes stared at me.

The commandos dropped the weapons & dropped their black pants.

“What a gloriously funny sight, O” said S, “I knew you were gonna make them drop their weapons, but the Pink Undies? Man! They really are wearing pink undies with cute little flowers! This is awesome!”

“Just a little showmanship, my friend” I beamed, “for our dear host, Angel Eyes”

“You are quite a showman,” said Angel Eyes. ”Just like your father”

“You always get right to the business!” I said getting irritated, “Here I was, thinking we could have some fun before the business we were so destined to conduct”

“I don’t understand,” said Angel Eyes, “You want to join our club?”

“Don’t make me laugh, you fool” I said, getting even more irritated, “All I want from you is, just one answer to one question: Where’s my dad?”

“What?” he said, “You think I know where your dad is?”

“I don’t think, Angel Eyes, I know that you know!”

“You’re mistaken…”

I just couldn’t wait anymore; I punched him in the stomach.

“Hey, there’s no need for punching me,” he said, “I’ll tell you what I know…”

“Like all great men,” he began, “Your father was given an invitation after his path breaking all-senses-home-theatre invention. He was skeptical at first, but when we shared our discoveries with him, he was dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe it. I mean, for all rational men, for men of science, it’s tough to believe that God created us & there’s a lot of fabrication that has been done by Him to throw us off course. He has to choose the best, and only the best will realize the truth and be ready for His command & He handpicks the best for His job”

“It’s not God” I said with all seriousness.

“Your dad seemed to reach the same conclusion & he tried to convince us too. When he failed to convince us, he began his propaganda of Evil God theory, I mean, he really went mad as was evident from his Shining moment”

Dear reader, I’ll have to tell you all about my dad and his infamous Shining moment before anything can start making sense to you. But right now, I can’t! You have to bear the suspense till I know the truth myself.

Let’s go back to Angel Eyes.

“He didn’t go nuts” I said, “When he refused your demands, you wanted to destroy him & destroy him, you did”

I punched him again.

“How could we make him kill his own daughter?”

“Slap yourself!” I shouted, I was getting tired of his games.

He slapped himself hard.

“Don’t play games with me,” I yelled, “Just the way I made you slap yourself, you made him kill Priya”

I punched him again. I couldn’t control my tears. S placed his hand on my shoulder & punched Angel Eyes. Angel Eyes fell down. S was better at beating up people, my punches were rather girlish.

“I don’t know how you are making me slap myself,” Angel cried, “I didn’t know how you guessed the toss outcomes or made people dance, I wanted to know about it & so I wanted to give you an invitation to the club who talk with God!”

“You lying Cockroach!”

S kicked him. We were getting violent, much more than I had planned.

“If you are not going to tell me,” I said wiping the sweat on my forehead, “I’m gonna make you tell me everything…”

Chapter 6

The Dictator

“Angel Eyes doesn’t know cow dung!” I said, “For a man who’s the president of the most powerful club in the world, he really knows nothing…”

“Don’t worry, we’ll find your dad” S said, “We have the power now”

He was right. We did have the power. Nobody from this great planet Earth, is as powerful as me, not in the past, present & hopefully not even in the future. You see Angel Eyes’club has a few toys like big space rockets & some satellites orbiting around the earth. I just needed three special satellites, really, to become the most powerful man.

All right, I’ll tell you the main secret behind my power. This power enabled me to be the first & so far, the only Dictator of the world. Pretty great thing to be the first. I mean, even if I was a dictator, nobody else had taken control of the whole planet, like I had done, not Alexander, not Genghis Khan, not even the British Empire can boast like what I had accomplished, and without bloodshed I might add.

I mean you have paid good money to know how I had conquered the whole world, and how in the world did I make you moonwalk on 18th November.

Here goes: you see, we have 5 senses that we know of. Right? Wrong! There’s one more sense, Skin. Ya ya, hold your horses. Skin is actually a dual sensing thing. When I say skin, I mean any part of your body that is exposed to air, even your eyes, hair, anything on your body which you can see with eyes, has the 6th sense.

We never knew about our 6th sense because it was meant to be kept as a secret & our normal survival did not depend on using of the 6th sense, so we never used it, even though it was always active & fully functional.

What is its function?

Good question.

Well, basically our skin can detect a special frequency, decode the data in that frequency into neural signals & send that data to a part of the brain which can understand these signals and execute them to the best of its capacity.

Let’s say you got a command to eat a peanut. & let’s say, you do not want to eat the peanut. I mean, you really do not want to eat the peanut because you are allergic to it & you may, even, die if you eat even a single peanut. Now when you get this command to eat that peanut, the part of your brain which decodes the information to eat the peanut will give the commands to the part of the brain which does all your motor control, which control your hands, legs etc, it tells it to eat the peanut. So your hand proceeds to pick up the peanut & eat it. All this while your conscience brain which knows that eating a peanut will kill you, sends the command to stop eating. But the priority of the command from the part of your brain which got the command from skin is very high. So this skin command trumps the command from your conscience brain & the command from the conscience brain is ignored, and you eat the peanut. And die.

Oh this was just a scenario, an example, don’t get scared, you won’t die. I won’t let you die till you finish reading my books! I’m O after all!

Even animals have the 6th sense. But humans have the most advanced form of the 6th sense, and it is not because of evolution, believe me.

I know this is hard to digest, so just relax, take your time before continuing to read.

I’ll just start telling the part of the story where I go public and tell the whole world that they’re my slaves, O.K? I mean you heard this speech LIVE right?

The following speech was heard by every human on earth at the time, either through T.V., Radio, Movie theatres, Video sharing portals on internet, other forms of internet, mail, snail mail, loudspeakers, absolutely any form of communication. I think we even sent Morse code.

I was wearing a yellow –black striped T-shirt & an old jeans and I went LIVE.  I looked cool because I was the man! Absolutely everybody on earth would see me or hear me or at least read about me in one way or the other.

“Hello people,” I said smiling, “I’m O. I don’t like the word dictator generally, but I’m afraid that’s what I am now. I am the absolute dictator of the whole world. Yes you heard me right. I am the absolute dictator of the whole world. As is the typical behavior, I know, that you wouldn’t believe me & go in denial about this absolutely awesome fact. So to prove to you that I am the absolute dictator, I am going to give you a command: Do the Moonwalk for exactly 30 seconds & think about what I have just said. People who are disabled, just look around for people doing the moonwalk, O.K.? Ooww, almost forgot, everybody, even disabled people, have to say or try to say, “O’s the man!” O.K?”

At that time, across all time zones, all over the world, people said, “O’s the man!”

“Well 30 seconds are over now,” I continued, “Now you know that I’m the man, right? The governments will continue to work in the same way as they used to, all over the world, but there are a few extra rules for all men to follow- few things which you will not be able to do, that you were usually free to do- like killing people. Murderers, I’m sorry, you can’t kill anybody or anything, no, not even a single animal or bug. Even law enforcing agencies like police or soldiers, even you can’t kill anybody, you can’t even shoot, alright? But the police will still be there, the soldiers will be still there to maintain status quo. You can’t steal, cheat etc etc I mean all bad things that I think are bad, you can’t do them. You’ll figure out what all things you can’t do when you try to do them, anyway, so I’ll not go into the details. Also some panic driven activities like selling off stocks, migrating to a different country etc etc, you cannot do, at least not until I say it’s O.K, O.K? You cannot blackmail me, or force me to do something, or try political weapons like civil disobedience like Gandhi, you are free to protest and do demonstrations, but only after you have done your duty towards society, have finished your job for the day, only then can you protest…”

“We’ll talk more, tomorrow, O.K?” I was finishing up, “Of course you are free to discuss, say bad things about me, just about anything else which doesn’t involve hurt for others. I still haven’t figured out what all I’ll do with the power that I have now, so please you can give me any ideas or suggestions @

“One more fun activity: if you find my father, send him to me!”

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