The Adventures of O (Chapters 13-15)

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Writer’s  comments:

Pls read this before Chapters 13-15

The Adventures of O (Chapters 1-3) (Chapters 4-6) (Chapters 7-9) (Chapters 7-9)(Chapters 10-12)

Chapter 13:

Genie Parker

“Good Evening viewers and welcome to Pavithra’s Tonight Show,” announced Pavithra, “Tonight’s guests are one of my two favorites who have contradictory views about the welfare of the world. To my immediate right is the accomplished Mr. Dictator of the world, O, himself…”

There was a small applause and a strong loud booing from the audience. Leave it to Pavithra to handpick the audience!

“And to my far right, is Miss Genie Parker all the way from Ohio. Genie is one of the most widely read thinkers of our times and vehemently opposed to the dictatorship of O!”

There was a loud cheer.

“Since O is a very busy person, I’m not gonna moderate this talk and give Genie complete freedom to do her stuff…” said Pavithra.

“Hello O!” Genie said. She’s a blonde tall woman in her late twenties and apparently had done a lot of facial surgery to look good or something for the show. She was wearing Sun glasses inside the studio.

“Hi Genie!” I said.

“Looks like you have been doing a decent job so far… two months into the dictatorship. You must be very proud!”

Trick Question. E had prepared me for her.

“It’s not something to be proud of, Genie, but yes, at least we have avoided the war completely. With the “Bill of Communication Signals Pollution and Control” and “the Bill of International Communications Space Centre” signed among other important treaties, the reasons for war are more or less taken care of…”

“Are you really that naive, O?”

“Excuse me?”

“After you, and we all agree, that there will be a day after you, many or all of these bills will be nullified as being signed under your control and all the good work that had been done by the UN till about two months ago will be wasted and after you, while most nations will be taking their time to recover, some of the war hungry nations will act in top gear to get things done their way. It’s something even a child like you can understand, right?”


“Even if some of the war hungry nations have changed their minds about being war mongering but the rest of the world won’t be knowing who’s on whose side and it will lead to fear… and fear of the worst is the most chaotic situation one can live in. The fear of the worst, its probability of occurrence has always been the top cause of war after money laundering, you are aware of that right? You are creating a situation which will be much worse than if the actual war had taken place, do you realize that?”

“Of course I …”

“Are you aware of the fact that after you, the economy will plummet before it can do anything? The fear of worst will make people do stupid things globally and unprecedented amounts of inflation and stock market crash will happen leading to worldwide crisis which the nations will take decades to recover from? The society will be suddenly so poor and so helpless it will lead to creation of disharmony and turning an average Joe into a criminal, Just to feed his family…”

“Are you asking me questions or are you trying to scare me? You are doing neither, Genie! You are plain scaring the people. What you say is a worst case scenario which will only take place if the safety measures we have taken will fail. Revolutionary ideas like the insurance of all the Markets and The status quo of Industries ensuring job guarantees for over a year even after I have gone will be sufficient to hold the society and economy together… Unlike you, many people are actually trying their best to make world a better place and have given and implemented some of the most amazing ideas, which otherwise in a world of mistrust wouldn’t be possible.”

“What revolutionary ideas are you talking about? All these ideas have been known for a long time but were never implemented because if you implemented them on people then the people are as good as slaves- and a government which treats the people as slaves, doesn’t last long…”

I said- “The fear of being toppled by the people is what prevented the governments from doing the greater good. These governments which you speak of, cared only about two things- how to get hold of power and how to stay in power longer. Even if there were a few good men, with power, they feared the worst and did only those things which were generally considered good and did not take the tougher road of being hard. There are a very few exceptions to this rule like Abraham Lincoln. Some of the people who spend millions on a dinner party, re-doing everything in a great royal mansion, grand weddings and funerals, and birthday parties, expensive luxurious lifestyle involving insanely costly wardrobe,  beauty enhancements and God knows what not, while their less fortunate homeless brethren die of hunger. Do these people have no shame? I am not asking these people to stop living or sacrifice their daily food. I am taking, only the extra money which they have hidden in some Swiss banks, their garages, their sofas, as a loan from them. Instead of the money rotting in some hidden box, I’ll invest in something that’ll lead to getting schools and hospitals and homes for the people who need them.”

“What you are taking away from people, thinking it is extra money which anyhow was rotting in some bank box- is these people’s dreams. I know it sounds stupid, but just think about it. All these people who have worked hard all their lives, to become a movie star or a sports personality or a CEO of a great company, or even saving a dollar a day for all their lives- have done so much hard work, have gone against the whole hungry world, which is ready to claw at your little joys and parade you in the funeral of your massacred dreams, these people have done what most people were unable to do and get fame or glory, or the pleasure in doing the improbable thing and money. Money is what they have, that they can show the world and tell that what they have done is special- what others couldn’t do. It is their lifeline and you are taking it away from them, you are taking away their dreams…”

“It is a difference of opinion, Genie. For you these dreams are important and for me- these dreams are expendable as long as it means it helps meet a family’s dreams of good food, job and education. You know I have seen child laborers working in unhealthy environment for the sake of a few rupees and nobody does anything about it, even though there are laws against child labor and there are laws for free education for children. What i am doing is enforcing these basic laws, safeguarding the basic rights of any human…”

“What you are doing is building a world which is perfect on the outside and rotten on the inside…”

“I guess i can’t convince you into seeing my point of view and changing your point of view and you can’t do the same thing for me. But before I finish, I also want to say that because I’ll be enforcing laws, already laid out, the desired effects of these laws can be seen now, as now, people can’t cheat. Like tax filing. SO many people evade taxes, and have done so in the past and they’ll keep doing it. But just think about all the money that will come when all the people pay their taxes honestly to the governments. Think how much good can be done with that money without any corruption. I wouldn’t have to resort to the so called stealing from the rich to feed the poor. Also the upper limit to a person’s total wealth- how much money would a person really need? Based on studies this limit has been kept. Once the limit is reached, the person will voluntarily donate the money to any charity institution he or she wishes to…”

“You think you are Robin Hood! You are nothing but a socialist, and we all know socialism has failed… it leads to totalitarian rules and people prosper economically but in all other aspects of life, they are nothing but slaves. This is what you are doing to world, right now.”

“I’m no socialist or communist. Of course, theoretically Marxism looks great but practically we can’t really implement it without gross human right violations. There never has been a true socialist or communist government or even a party, for that matter. Even with the powers I have I cant implement Marxism to its true intentions- for a better classless world. A world with no classes like rich or poor, ruler or subjects, it just can’t be done ideally. But I do accept a few of my laws seem socialist but I am just trying to take best out of socialism, communism, capitalism and globalization and other philosophies and I’m implementing them to the best of my capabilities; it will make world a better and prosperous place”

“When everybody is employed and have a decent lifestyle then the whole earth would be rapidly consuming its limited resources and leading to quicker end of the world than it was supposed to…”

“What? Are you crazy? No matter what I do, is wrong, isn’t it? Is it because I am a dictator?”


“What is it that I am doing wrong?”

“You are building too many castles in air, O, and you must go, before you do more damage…” as she said this, she tried to jump on me with an automatic gun in her hand and aimed the gun at my head and pulled the trigger- or rather tried to.

I was scared, really scared, like the day dad tried to kill me. And i knew i was gonna die…

The commands had protected me.

“How? How did you give me commands? The whole of my exoskeleton is dead, including skin, eyes, tongue, ears, nose… everything is dead, and yet you managed to give me commands in such small reaction time and, and my dead skin listened to them? Why?” she was crying hysterically.

I didn’t realize that she wanted me to be dead- this desperately. She had killed off her whole exoskeleton. She could never again see or taste or feel or smell, even talk. She was using nano gadgets to listen and talk and somebody was helping her remotely via wireless devices.

Genie Parker had sacrificed all her natural 5 senses, because of me. I could never forgive myself for what had happened. Pavithra seemed to cry, and yet managed to look at me in that disgusting way that twisted my soul into a million knots…

I am an asshole, an unforgiveable asshole.

At least I had to tell Genie why she had failed to kill me, I felt I owed her that much. The first attempt on my life had failed and I didn’t want any more stupid attempts like these… I had to be strong and maybe even inspirational.

Actually, when I think about it now, I was an jackass full of myself.

“Genie, I didn’t give you any fresh commands to prevent you from killing me. You are already exposed to my commands long back, and those commands are stored in your brain like a program. You can’t erase them without risking your own sanity. It is just there forever. And when you tried to kill me that program got activated and prevented you from killing me… I’m sorry Genie; your colossal sacrifice has gone to waste…” I said softly and earnestly, “People listen to me, please do not, I mean, never, try a stupid plan like Genie’s to kill me. I realize now that I should have shared all information about these commands with you…”

Then I said something, to the whole world, that I shouldn’t have. Like all my previous mistakes, this mistake too led to that unholy Doom’s Day.

“I am going to share every byte of information I have about these commands. I want you to fight against me. And when you fight against me you will become men worthy of the highest respect, like Genie here, you shall be decorated, cherished, loved and remembered as heroes, and when you fight against me, I want you to remember that you are fighting for freedom, you are fighting for humanity and you are fighting for me!”

As I said, I was full of myself and I could totally tell what Pavithra was feeling- she wanted to slap me.

I heard Genie laugh hysterically.

“You know, O, nobody needs to fight against you to fight for you anymore, you jackass, because we are all going to die in a few seconds… The Scorpion will blow this studio to hell…”

She was wrong. The studio did not blow in a few seconds. It blew the instant she said it…

There were loud explosions being heard everywhere and I saw Pavithra run towards me. Everything was getting chaotic and I thought maybe Pavithra was about to help me. As usual, I was wrong.

She ran past me with an intense look in her eyes. It was really weird that I could totally tell that she wanted to kick me and leave me to die here. While I was absorbed in my own great observations on Pavithra’s behavior, a very heavy studio light fell from above on me and I began feel dizzy. As I passed out I thought I saw the roof collapsing on me…

Chapter 14:


i woke up in a hospital with a sharp ache in my head. My body felt very different, my whole body felt as if it was rejuvenated or something- except I couldn’t feel my left arm. I lifted my left arm.

My left arm was gone from the elbow! I couldn’t see it. The arm was covered in bandages and i was sure that my left arm was gone. I was panicking, shouting- “Where’s my left arm- where is it… what happened!”

I started crying, “E! Where are you? E!”

After crying for a while I got exhausted and fell asleep.

When I woke up I was in my room in my house. I raised my left arm. It was there. Oh thank God it was there! I counted all my fingers, bent them in weird angles, pinched my arm and I could feel it. It was real.

The TV was on and funnily enough they were announcing my death in the TV studio, along with the deaths of Pavithra, Genie and everybody else in the studio. I was wondering if Genie was alive. I was hoping that she somehow escaped death like me.

I was wrong again. Months later I found out that she really did die in that studio along with everybody else except me.

After I saw the report I had to call E and S. Those guys must have been devastated. I called E first.

I could see that she was in her room, her eyes red from crying all night, perhaps and she had a surprised look. I guess she was looking at my face in the mobile screen.

That happy crooked crescent of a smile on her face came so fast and her high frequency “O”- thankfully the mobile transmits only safe levels of frequencies and energy. Otherwise that high frequency high energy voice of hers would have deafened me if I was there in person.

“O! Are you all right?”

“Yeah, apparently”

“You’re in your room? I’m coming straight away…”

Soon E and S joined me in my room. I had to ask them about how I survived the blasts in studio and how I ended up here in my room. I also told about the arm and the hospital.

“Dude, we were hoping you would tell us about how you miraculously escaped from that studio! You really don’t know anything?” asked S.

“Nope. So if u guys didn’t save me, and the media is reporting my death, so obviously the fire-brigade didn’t save me, then who did?”

“Dude you sure you’re not a ghost?”, S was kidding, “I’m just happy to see you alive, dude, who cares who saved you, the important thing is you are alive and we have got to find the guys who tried to kill you!”

“The Scorpion, Genie said…”

“But how can Scorpion blow the studio? The commands should have prevented him…”

“Maybe he never was exposed to commands- so that’s why he’s free to do whatever he wants…”

“How can he be not exposed to commands? We sent the commands globally- even now the commands are being sent out, how can he escape a truly global phenomena- is he not on Earth?”

“He may still be on Earth and blow the studio up… if he’s always been in very remote area like a deep cave or underground at least from the time we sent out the commands, he wouldn’t be exposed to the commands. he can always access TV, internet etc through wires or wireless even- but commands need a direct line of sight from the satellite- these command signals do not easily reflect and travel properly like light or radio waves. They get highly attenuated.”

“So we have to send out the commands through other means as well, apart from the satellite in such regions?”

“It’d be tough considering the world is a huge place… too many resources will be wasted to catch a few people. It’s not acceptable.”

“So what should we do?”

“First I should go public about the fact that I’m alive- otherwise there’ll be panic and all the good work that we have done will be wasted…”

“But what next?”

“We lay bait for the Scorpion…”

“I wanna know about your Saviors as well O,” added E, “they might know about the Scorpion. Otherwise how else they could’ve saved you in time? Maybe they have saved more people… too many unanswered questions are there…”

“I agree. We have to track down my Saviors,” I said, “Some surveillance tape on the studio, nearby buildings, traffic monitor centre; somebody should have picked up something…”

“I checked yesterday… there’s nothing O, I’m sorry…”

“Hey what if this Scorpio and your Saviors are the same? He might be playing some game to get into your good books…”

“Maybe, E, but I doubt it. Genie really tried to kill me and when she failed, Scorpio blew up the studio which was his last resort. He really did his best to kill me…”

“Maybe he knew Genie would fail?”

“Maybe… but nobody knows about the commands more than me, or S, or Doc or”

“Or your dad?”


“He could’ve found out that you were playing with the commands and went underground after your dinner party fiasco? Maybe he was planning from then…”

“But we were id’ing him. We had id’ied everybody in the planet before the party!”

“Maybe he’s been underground for a long time!”

“We need more data, we just can’t keep speculating like this…” said E.


Chapter 15:

The Himalayan Bermuda Triangle

The satellite images and the deployed spy robot did not give much information about the Himalayan Bermuda Triangle(HBT). It sent us some videos of snow, nothing more. After a while, the robots, just, seemed to die over there. Any electronic device may not work for long in the HBT was the opinion of S.

So after a long discussion, I, S and a few members of the team decided to go ourselves and see what’s there in HBT. We were hoping it to be the First Contact with the aliens.

There was excitement in some of us like S and a bit of fear, from E and I was a bit worried about the unknown. If aliens are there in the HBT, then these aliens had taken extreme measures to stay hidden from humans and we were invading their privacy, which they might not appreciate much. Also these aliens, probably are the ones who have designed and implemented the commands on us- so they are, it was a gut feeling, hostile towards the species I love, homo sapiens.

We were flying in a space shuttle way above the Bermuda triangle of the Himalayas (HBT), only that it was of much smaller area and it was circular in shape.

It was my first time in the Space Shuttle, so I was rather excited. But soon my whole body started to cramp due to lack of free space to move around in the shuttle. It was ironic that we were in space, and actually had no space to free our arms a bit.

And we had to jump from a stupendous height to get inside the otherwise impregnable HBT. S had got this idea and had done some initial testing of the idea and said those would work.

And when I jumped, in that freezing air and all the hot friction, the body had started to complain like it never did before. it was becoming difficult to breathe and even, to think. i was wondering if I could launch a parachute when required.

Luckily for me the automated GPS guided system parachute bag automatically guided us to the desired location and launched the parachute at the correct time. It also had a great cloaking system and making it impossible for any sophisticated camera to detect that people were falling from sky. Dad had built this parachute bag and clothes. It felt great wearing it and the comfort and security it promised was as if I was in the arms of my dad.

First, the few robots which were parachuted earlier hit the ground. Soon they conked out. When I hit the ground, I was quite far from where S had hit the ground.

I was experiencing the thrill of a lifetime. My heart was pumping like an auto-rickshaw’s horn blowing loudly in a jam-packed narrow Bangalore road.

I dropped the parachute bag and activated the cloak mode on my suit. I basically was a ghost roaming around in the alien den. This kind of made me go back to my kiddy games I used to play. I was going to kill some badass aliens today!

I calmed down and looked around. I was here for answers and not alien blood. But little did I know that destiny had different plans.

I couldn’t see any sign of life except my wildly pumping heart in that area which felt like a scary graveyard. There was nothing to be scared about- except the ghastly silence- the total absence of any life.

It’s my dad’s saying- do not swim in very calm waters. If it’s very quiet and everything’s probably dead, then there must be dangerous reason for this. This was an extremely quite lake of snow.

I walked around more. Soon I felt like I was walking in a great white temple. My heart had calmed so much, so quickly it was kind of amazing. First the adrenaline then panic, and now as if I had entered nirvana- my state of mind was changing like seasons in a year. And I was happy- genuinely happy. And all of a sudden guilt hit me- as if I was walking in a holy temple with shoes- the zombies that S insisted for our safety, suddenly seemed to be my source of unbearable guilt. my salvation, my moksha had suddenly vanished from my view- one second ago, it was right in front of me, and the next it was gone. I had committed a crime- a sin. Now I was doomed forever.

I was going crazy. The environment seemed to be having an intense influence on me.

“S, can you hear me? Can u view the feedback from my camera?” I asked S through the comtran.

“Loud and clear- do you see mine?”

“Yes- The view looks the same as mine,” I said, “You feel weird? Are you feeling extreme mood swings?”

“Yep- wonder what the zombies are feeling…”

“It was a bad idea to bring the zombies along dude”


“Just a gut feeling- those zombies are not exactly doves, right? They’re the symbol of our violent intentions, but…”

Before I could finish that sentence I was knocked out. Damn it! I seemed to be out of action again. Just when it mattered for me to stick around, I seemed to get knocked out… Same thing happened during the studio and same thing happened during the Doom’s Day…

When I came to my senses, I was in the same hospital I last was, when I got hit in the studio. It was so comforting and felt so out of world.

S entered the room, “How are you feeling Snow white?”

I did not enjoy the bad joke.

“What happened? We’re in alien settlement right?”



“We killed all four of them…”

“What? Why! Dude these guys seem to be the guys who saved me from the studio…”

“I saw you get knocked over the comtran and they were shooting the zombies with some command gun…”

“They have command guns?”

“Yep, detected them sending commands- KO+FREEZE!”

“And the commands obviously didn’t work on Zombies cause we filled their complete brains with commands, so they couldn’t process any more new commands… the doc did good!”

“And the Zombies just went nuts, something wrong with the defense commands we gave them… they killed the aliens and then they started shooting among themselves and started shooting at me!  It was real fun out there today!”

“You killed all of the Zombies alone? By yourself?”

“Well, some zombies killed other zombies and all, but basically I managed to kill the surviving few…”

“Up there Bro!” i high-fived him.

“So what shall we do now?”

“Look around for information… we have drawn first blood, we should expect some retaliation or something… we should get prepared…”

“Umm, about that, when the zombies killed the last of the aliens, all the things that were alien, like the aliens themselves, their guns, all the objects in this den, everything except this building perhaps, just evaporated…”



“Can life get any shittier?”

“Well this alien hideout could have been located in a sea of shit”

“Yes, then we would have been deep into shit”

“You bet!”

Luck seemed to be against us in this adventure of ours… nothing had gone our way and we had killed some aliens who might have saved me in the studio… maybe these aliens weren’t bad, after all they did save me, I think, but with their murder on our hands, things had changed.

We managed to get out of the Alien hideout, alive, which E had seriously doubted- but we had no clue of who these aliens were and what they were doing here and to top it all, we had killed them.  Maybe M & N might know more- maybe these aliens were Queenians. As you might have already guessed, this particular misadventure was the ultimate cause of the Doom’s Day… I’m sorry. But S said that, technically, the dead Zombies were to be blamed, not me. I was knocked out after all.

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