The Adventures of O (Chapters 10-12)

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Writer’s  comments:

Pls read this before Chapters

The Adventures of O (Chapters 1-3) (Chapters 4-6) (Chapters 7-9)

Chapter 10


“Are you hungry, Rock?” I asked him.

“No, you look yummy” Rock said.

“Do I now?” I smiled.

“Yes. You too skinny…”

“I’m joining gym once I save the world, Rock”

“Save the world?”

“Yes! Do you know about any bad animals or people who took away your friends or took away some humans or made them do funny things?”

“You find any Raakshasas like me?”

“No, I’m sorry…”

“You find female Raakshasis…”


“O.K. You find single female Raakshasi?”

“No… I’m really sorry; but there maybe some demons who couldn’t come for some reason. We’ll find out soon, don’t worry…”

“You good human. Not like other funny humans who took my friends long ago”

“When did they take your friends?”

“After Buddha left…”


“Gautam Buddha… Buddhism…”

“Oh really, how old are you?”

“100 years?”

I smiled. “Oh you’re a little older than that. What more can you tell me about these funny humans- did you ever see them?”


“So whenever you remember them, you remember them as funny humans?”

“Yes and bad humans”

“O.K Rock, I am going to tie this band around your wrist. It won’t hurt you; it’ll just project the images you are remembering OK?”


“Think about the funny humans taking away your friends”


Soon on the screen we saw a huge hemi-spherical space ship with giant metallic teeth at the non-spherical side, probably those teeth were asteroid wipers. From the hemispherical side, a metallic path connected the main doorway of the ship to the ground. At the main doorway, a man in light grey tight shirt with dark grey tight pants with an egg shaped red hat was talking to a similarly dressed man.

“Deltamite, you think these beasts would survive?” asked the majestic looking one.

“No my King, the data rate of KO commands over the barrier isn’t good enough. So we can’t control these beasts effectively. Even the data they have sent is not as good as the ones we got from the humans. Compared to humans these beasts are too simple minded, they do not survive on their own for long,”

“Send in a few impressive humans along with these beasts and make them the commander of these beasts, ensure we get at least huge amounts of data this time…and test each beast thoroughly before you take them.”

“As you wish, my King”

The King went inside the ship & Deltamite walked down the ramp to the ground. A crew of humans wearing black followed him & setup 4 huge cylindrical tubes in a stack held together by two columns at the ends of the tube. One Raakshasa came out of nowhere and started to climb one of the columns & on reaching the top of the column he leaped towards the other column, rolled into one of the tubes, came out of the tube from the other end, and he similarly jumped into other tubes & finally he went into the spaceship.

Similarly three more Raakshasas went inside the space ships. Suddenly the view changed, as if the camera was moving towards column & climbing it. It was Rock who was climbing. But he fell down mid-way.

“I wanted to climb again, my legs didn’t move”

Obviously a command must have been given to stop him from trying again and he was left out while his friends were taken into the ship. It seemed as if all the demons went inside the ship according to their own will, but it was not so. Deltamite had given the commands to run through the test & if they passed, then to go inside the ship.

“Rock, have you seen these funny humans again?”


“Or the ship, or your friends, did you see them again?”

“No… Rock will cry now”

Chapter 11


“You were right, there are some humans or aliens who at least know about these commands & are taking humans and demons to some barrier so that they can send data while they, what, die!” S said.

“What is this barrier” I said

“They looked like human to me…” E said.

“No self respecting human would wear an egg shaped hat” joked S.

“They had a space ship with them probably they are aliens or humans with advanced technology who don’t live on Earth…”

“Should we share this video with the public?” asked S.

“Yes, I think we should. Every proof, every info that we get regarding the commands; we should share it with the public after a quick review. We should project to them that we are working hard & we are progressing. It’d also give the TV reporters something to talk about, instead of just talking about my stupid act of taking over the world”

Both E & S giggled.

“There’s one more important decision that we have to make…” said S.

“S233?” I asked.


“What’s S233?” asked E.

“You’ll see. Follow me!”

We followed him to defense lab 7. There was a foul stench of death inside. Soon E realized that it was because of all the dead bodies. Absolutely all kinds of animals, even human, dead bodies were lying on the operation table. She was just disgusted by it all. That’s when a rat ran by her leg. She screamed & jumped into the arms of O.

“Nice job, Doc!” said S.

I was looking at E. She was just so cute, getting scared of a rat.

“Put me down!” she said.

“There are a lot of rats running around here, right Doc?” I said.

“Dead rats, to be precise!”

“What? Dead rats running around?” asked E in horror.

“Yes, the doc is controlling the dead rats just through commands!” said S.

“Are you kidding?” said E. she was still in my arms.

“Doc, make a really dead looking rat to join us here”

Soon enough a huge black rat ran towards us. It exactly stopped near me. I could clearly see it, so could E. the rat lifted its head. Both of it’s eyes were dangling from it’s sockets and a huge part of the mouth was missing. And still we could make out the grin the rat was giving us.

E started screaming. I mean isn’t she cute!

“Even dead bodies can be controlled to some extant with the commands, as you already have seen. Now I can show the effects of S233. I have covered the whole body of this rat with the gel form of the S233 and I am giving it commands…”

“No response?”

“No response.”

“For how long?”

“5 minutes”

“Why does it stop working after 5 mins?”

“The gel kind of evaporates…”

“What else have you tested this on?”

“Dead bodies of Humans”


“It was successful for 3 minutes”


“Wait a minute,” E said, “You are using dead human bodies for testing?”

“Ya, they are called Zombies!”

“O, did you know about this?”

“Yes, come on, E don’t make this an issue. We can’t put S233 on live humans, till we are sure about any side effects, right, Doc?”

“I had tried S147 on live rats, they developed rashes and it took two weeks for the rashes to go away. But S233 was found to be safe on a host of animals. I tested on the Zombies, there was no reaction. They slept like babies during all the commands. And now I need permission to test on live humans”

“Are you testing the gel or pill?”

“The pill, we want to test if repeated intake of S233 is safe, so that we can be free for more than 3 minutes”

“You sure it’s safe?”

“I think so, yes.”

I looked at S, he nodded and then I looked at E.

“Don’t make any monsters in your lab, Doc” said E, as she went out of the lab.

I turned back to S, “So Zombies huh?”

“I know!” he shouted, “it’s Super Sweet, I say!”

“High Five!”

“Great job, Doc!”

“And once you find it’s effective, can you start mass producing this? And work to increase the effective time from 3 minutes to more than 3 minutes, like to eternity?”

“I know, O and I need one more permission”


“We want some freedom to kill animals, for testing. You have to change the beam information at least here for at least one person”

“Why do you want to kill the animals?”

“Well we’ll be testing commands like killing other rats, or potential fatal actions, and see the effect on the rats that have received such commands, and what the rat about to be killed will do, in the absence of any defense commands and other related scenarios”

“If you feel that such scenarios need to be tested, then go ahead, Doc, I trust you. I will change the beam info for you for this lab region only.”

“Hey Doc,” asked S, “How long do you think, you will take to develop a new pill that has more effective time than 3 minutes”

“It’d be tough, S, as numbing the 6th sense in our body temporarily is one thing, and killing it altogether is another. Let’s hope for the better…”

Chapter 12

M and N

Things were finally moving along well. I had solid proof of misuse of the commands, thanks to Rock and S233 seemed effective on live humans even for long durations. I always carried a big bottle of S233 all the time.

But still I had not released S233 to public. I had a gut feeling that I needed more than S233 to say for sure that we’re free. And what about that King and Deltamite? What will they do? What is this barrier, for which they seem to have gone to extra-ordinary  lengths?

While I was thinking about these late in the night and getting no sleep at all, I might add, I first met M & N in my bedroom.

Both are aliens. N is easy to depict. As I have already stressed that there are going to be a lot aliens and what nots, so I won’t be describing these guys in words, I’m no writer, I’ve no artistic tendencies for God sake! I’m a dictator and so here is N’s picture. This picture was taken by E the next day.

So as you can see N has a lot of tentacles with eyes at the end and he has wheels and he has feet, with which he can walk when doesn’t want to wheel along.

Now, M. he’s very different from all of us. I mean you really need to imagine him, as no full portrait of M can fully explain what he is. He basically looks like a cloud. His senses are very primitive, in that, he has only the 6th sense. He cannot talk either, or see, or hear, or feel or taste or smell. And yet he’s very powerful because he has a huge neural network on his huge cloud-like body. He has a distributed brain, i.e., he has no central main brain. You can cut him and cut him, he won’t die, he won’t feel any pain, and he’ll just rejoin again, be the same again, with all his memories and existential being being intact. He’s probably 200 million years old. But he himself doesn’t know how old he is.

You might be wondering why I am being such a pain and not divulging how I met M & N, what we initially talked about, what all secrets they revealed to me, and all other stuff that basically happened and I had promised to reveal, in so many interviews. But sorry dear reader, the war is still going on, even if you are not fully aware of it and I do not want to divulge top secret info just yet, and in just a mere 100Rs book for your entertainment. Be content with what you are getting and enjoy the rest of the ride. To be fair, you are going to find a lot of secrets of this Universe being revealed like when the individual colors of light are revealed when we pass it through the prism. Also please understand this that while I’m writing this, I’m not rewriting, or polishing or reading again what I have written or anything. I’m not taking anybody’s opinion as to how this narrative is turning out. I am the dictator of the world after all, I know you’ll like it, you guys kind of gotten used to liking things which I say are likeable, right? And I’m writing this in my spare time during this stupid battle. I’ll tell you about this battle and war later on, I promise. So I’m skipping some details here and there because I want to focus on the story, and finish at least the part till I reach the barrier, woow, no more teasers for you, just read on, without grumbling about my cocky style, OK?

Now where was I? M& N, right. Good thing these chapters have titles too.

N was basically a translator for M. N himself had quite a few unique features in his body and his body always reminded me of a sophisticated battle tank. He seemed like he was designed with the intent of putting him in a battle field and keeping him alive there for as long as possible. So it was clear, after many discussions with M & N, that N’s race of Turlans, were designed by the race of King and Deltamite.

How N met M and how they became friends is a story of unbelievable hand of fate and the story is painfully long. So I’ll tell the story some other time.

What I did after I met M & N, is what the rest of the story all about.

E came early in the morning to wake me up. I woke up alright, from her screams of terror when she saw N. N had told that he was quite popular among girls and mols (their species had three sexes: man, woman, mol) back in his home planet of Turla. The girls and mols, when they saw N, used to scream like me when I first saw Comtran-123 in dad’s lab.  Looked like the girls of this Planet would make him feel right at home.

“They’re here to help” I said to her when things became normal.


“Well they seem to a know a lot about the universe and the Queen”

“Who’s the Queen?”

“Oh she’s like me, and she’s like the dictator of the whole universe”

“The Universe?”

“The Universe.”

“And she isn’t God?”

“She has a dad.”


“The Queenians, or the men of Queen’s race (M is not quite sure if Queen and Queenians are of same species), designed completely the planet Turla, and the people of Turla, the Turlans, for the sake of one thing-”

“To cross the barrier and survive?”


“And, did they survive?”

“No. Not that M and N know of.”

“At least did the, umm, Queenians get the data they wanted?”

“From what I hear, over 600 times the barrier has been successfully breached and the data they got doesn’t add up.”

“It doesn’t?”

“It doesn’t”

“What do we know about the data that doesn’t add up. Do we have it?”

“Nothing and no”


“We can steal the data, as M suggests”

“M the cloud of weird gas?”


“What’s the use?”

“No use. Just that we are curious”


“Me, M & N”


“Or we could go ahead and commit suicide by waging a war against Queenians”

“That bad? No hope to wipe them out of the Universe, not even a slightest chance?”

“No, unless we find Superman, among the freaks”


“We can be free, though”


“N accidentally freed himself.”

“Did he now?”

“Yes. He accidentally shot himself with a LASER and he burnt the part of the brain that decodes KO commands from skin. But he has to do some experiments to be sure to safely do the same thing for us.”

“KO commands?”

“Kimg’s Orders – Commands that I have used so far to be the dictator of this beautiful planet for so long”

“So what next? What will you do?”

“Give up being a dictator.”

“What? You have been doing such a great job, there’s real peace out there you know except the fear of unknown…”

“The fear of the unknown is what is forcing me to quit…”

“Why exactly?”

“Apparently the KO commands are their copyrighted IP. They don’t like non-Queenians using it. If they found out that I have been using the KO commands, they may wipe out our whole planet, because we are aware of the commands and how to manipulate them. We even got S233… if the word gets out in the universe, Queenians will first strike the source of S233”

“You are right, we have S233, why can’t we use it against them? Why can’t we give it to people of other planets who need it?”

“Because even if we are free, we have no chance of winning. Even if the whole universe stood united, even the Queenians, if they joined us, against their own Queen, we’d lose. The Queen has unimaginable powers. She’s really old according to M, over here, and M is at least 200 million years old. The Queen has Godlike powers.”

“And the Queen is not God?”

“I told you right, she has a dad!”


“So you are going to give up?”

“There is one thing I can do”


“Assassinate the Queen”

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