Child’s Play

Posted: November 22, 2008 in Humor, Writing
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“Bwahahahaha! So, Spiderman, Batman & Superman are all in disguises, eh? Are the so called super-heroes afraid of the one & only Joker! Wahahahaha”, shouted the 7 year old Joker from the roof of his house.

“Coward! Come & fight like a man”, yelled the 6 year old Superman. Spiderman & Batman agreed too, that the Joker was being cowardly.

“Ha! Coward you say! Eat this, brave super-hero!”, The Joker threw a red water balloon, aimed at Superman.

“Superman! Take evasive action, NOW!”

“I’m on it, Spiderman! I am gonna blast that nuclear bomb into deep space with my Laser X-rays!”, said Superman while he blinked his eyes rapidly & clenched his teeth.

Splash! The red water balloon landed right on the face of Superman. He was all wet.

“Muhahahahahha!”, laughed the Joker. Spiderman & Batman were laughing too.

“How dare you laugh at your own leader!”, bellowed Superman.

“Leader? You? Since when? I am the strongest one here, so I’m the leader!”, challenged Batman wiping his running nose.

“Oh! You are the strongest hero among us, huh? Prove it, little ba-ba-bat-BOY”, teased Spiderman.

“That’s right. I am the strongest, and the biggest, and the largest, and the tallest…. and… and ”, Batman halted abruptly when he ran out of cool –est words.

“You are not the tallest! You don’t even have a measurable height!”, mocked Superman.

Batman growled like a wolf as he intensely stared at Superman…

“Now, now, let’s not fight. I know how we can find out who among us is the tallest”, said Spiderman. “We will stand in a line & whichever Super-hero’s shadow is the longest, must be the tallest one.”

Thus the three Super-heroes stood in a line. Spiderman knew that he was not the tallest among them, so he had taken a small step further from the other two, making it appear that his shadow was the longest.

“Aha! Just as I thought! I am the tallest one here! Which means that I am the strongest & the leader of Justice League of Mysore!”, said Spiderman in triumphant voice.

Batman wiped his nose. “There’s something fishy here. It seems Spiderman can either control the motions of Sun & Earth at the longitudinal horizon shield deflector angle to make it appear that his shadow is the longest or he’s fooling us somehow. Holmes once said that- When you remove the impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth… Then  that means, Spiderman can control the motions of Sun & the Earth!!! He’s … “

“Oh no! Look over there, Spiderman… It’s Dr. Octopus. Apparently she has kidnapped a little girl”, said Superman pointing at their neighbor with her daughter.

“You are right, Superman. And that is no little girl, it’s my woman! My Mary-Jane!”, cried Spiderman.

“That’s Dr. Octopus? She’s more like Hippo-pot-a-got-a-lot-of-mass…”, said Batman. “Let’s get her!”

The three super-heroes ran towards the hippo lady making loud & weird battle noises.

“You little good-for-nothing-boys! Why are you making such a racket! Go shout in your own houses!”, screamed the hippo lady.

“Dr. Octopus! Why have you kidnapped my woman”, said Spiderman grabbing the little girl’s hand with passion. “Let’s run away from here, my love!”

“Mummeeeeeeeeeee”, cried the little girl in high frequency.

“She thinks that Dr. Octopus is her Mom! She has been brain-washed!”, observed Superman.

“Wait! She’s not Mary-Jane, she’s Rachel! My Rachel! I thought you were dead!”, said Batman. “I put you in your grave myself! You should go back there…”. The poor little girl cried even louder.

“She’s Mary-Jane, you idiot!”, Spiderman pushed Batman away from the little girl. “Mary-Jane, Let’s go! We’ll play together, and have fun, away from this evil world!”

“Play? Really? You’ll play with me?”, said the little girl wiping her tears & with a serene smile.


“Alright, let’s go play house!”, said the girl with joy. “I’ll be the beautiful mommy, you be the smart dad. My doll, Oro, is our sweet daughter. We’ll change her clothes. Comb her hair. We’ll make tea, cook food & arrange the furniture in the house and… ”

“Play house… with doll… tea… cook…. house… ”, said Spiderman as if he was going into a coma. “How can I forget this! All superheroes have only one weakness! Women! No, it’s not even women, it’s only ONE woman! I cannot have this weakness, if I am to become strong!”, thought Spiderman, “Moreover, I cannot be seen playing with dolls! I will be a laughing stock in school! They’ll give me girls’ names like Pinky or Sweety! And what kind a of a super-hero plays with dolls!”.

“Uh, you see…”, said Spiderman with hesitation.

“What’s wrong, Tiger! Don’t you want to play?”, said the little girl with playful eyes.

“AAAAAAAAAAA!!!! She’s definitely not Mary-Jane! She’s Rachel! Rachel! She’s all yours Batman!”, shouted Spiderman, while running in circles.

“Really?!”, said Batman with a sparkle in his eye. He could see himself playing with her, & her doll, Oro. It would be fun changing the doll’s clothes & combing her hair, putting lipstick. “I wonder, if she’ll comb my hair & put lipstick on me. I like my lips to be shining red too, just like my Mommy!”, he thought, with the biggest smile his face could afford.

“You maggots! I’ve had it with you two!”, shouted the hippo lady & grabbed Spiderman & Batman by their ears..

“Superman! Help us! Let me go you hippo…”. The hippo lady squeezed their ears even harder. The two boys started crying.

A hero never abandons his friends. The hippo lady must be punished for hurting his friends. “But what can I do!”, thought Superman. “She’s too big!”. He looked at the Joker, who was watching all of this with an evil grin. Yes, he loved chaos.

“Eeeyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Superman kicked her leg with all his brimming super-hero strength. The hippo lady yelled in pain. Splash! A blue water balloon had just hit her face. With wild hippo screams, it looked as if, she really was a hippo coming out of a forest lake. She let go of the boys as Joker’s hysterical laughter filled the atmosphere. “I can’t miss that big a target!”, he thundered with joy & threw another balloon. “Here’s a pink one for the little lady, Bon Appetit”

The boys ran away with shouts of relief. Spiderman couldn’t resist it. He had to say this- “Once again, the Justice League of Mysore saved the world!”

  1. Hemantha says:

    Better to continue BLOGGING after December. Probably me & our GURU will also join. You know the reason right!!!!!!!!??????

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