In Tsunade’s Memory

Posted: November 16, 2008 in Love, Writing
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“Tsunade, you are late”, yelled Orochimaru, pointing his finger at Tsunade. He had completely overlooked the new pink top & the blue Levi’s Jeans she was wearing. He paid dearly for that in the course of time.

“Yo Oro, I have got this wicked plan. You are the king of Forbidden Techniques & I am the queen of Allowed Techniques in Konoha. We will sit here on our favorite Betta (Hill) spot & come up with a new awesom-o technique (Jutsu)!”. She said all of this in one breath. By now Oro had grown accustomed to her supersonic frequency & speed. He liked her idea. “Interesting” was his reply, as he sat down on the huge rock overlooking Konoha. “I do not like the name Konoha! Who would want to be known as the Hokage (Leader) of Konoha? It sounds dumb. When I become the Hokage, I will rename this hidden-village to Mysore. Now there’s a name…”, before Oro could finish sharing his evil plan, Tsunade’s powerful punch stopped him. Then she unfolded her plans: “As I was saying, this jutsu will be invented by both of us. I will write the first line, you write the second, and then I will write the third and you write the fourth, and so on…. Thus we will create a new technique- which will technically be an Allowable Forbidden Technique, and anybody in Mysore, I mean, Konoha can use it!”. Oro looked disgusted, as Tsunade, with a big naughty smile, started writing the first line…

Tsunade proudly looked at the old man, the Third Hokage reading the new Jutsu. The old man gasped “This is…! I cannot allow this to be published in the college magazine, I mean, in the Konoha Ninja Scrolls!”. Tsunade was heartbroken. But she didn’t give up & became the member of College Editorial Board, I mean, the Ninja Scrolls Editorial Board. She tried her best to get it published. But she wouldn’t know if it got published until the day the Ninja Scrolls were to be released.

Oro was looking at the beautiful Mysore Palace, I mean, the Hokage Building Lights against the twilight sky from the Betta spot when Tsunade came running to him. “Let’s see if it is published in your Forbidden Academy’s Ninja Scrolls…”, she said. He shook his head slowly. “But you said you wouldn’t read the Scrolls till we both were together! You good-for-nothing liar! Let me see my Academy’s Scrolls then- oh it’s not published here either…”, Tsunade’s eyes began to fill with tears, but before a drop could escape her eye, she snatched the Ninja scrolls from Oro & burnt both the scrolls.

It looked as if a funeral was going on in that dark, lonely Betta spot. She kept looking at that fire as if with every paper in the Scroll, a part of her dream was being burnt. Oro had never seen the strong Tsunade like this. He remembered the time when they wrote that Jutsu. It was fun. He had enjoyed a lot writing with her. He had enjoyed a lot being with her. But it had meant a lot more to her, than it did to him. He couldn’t bear to look her like this. He wanted to hold her hand. He reached for it, but stopped. He didn’t hold her hand, not even to comfort her, as he was ashamed of himself for not trying harder to get the Jutsu published. But it was too late to do anything about it.

The next day, Oro sneaked into Konoha’s Academy in broad daylight. He had a lot of research to do on his Forbidden Techniques, but this was more important. He ran upstairs to the third floor of the Academy. He could see the soon-to-be Ninjas coming out of their classes for lunch. It was the perfect time, so he threw into the sky, the 300+ printed copies of the Jutsu, he & Tsunade had written together. He could hear the children shout. As his heart pumped faster, he could hear someone shout, “There he is on the third floor. He’s littering our campus. Catch him!” Oro ran like crazy, as if his life depended on it. Why he didn’t summon the giant snake Manda & killed all of his pursuers, nobody knows. But as he ran, he was laughing like a maniac. When he reached the first floor he could see Tsunade looking at him with a big naughty smile & the Jutsu in her hand. He smiled back, as he ran towards the street.

  1. supreet says:

    Madara: Gud one…..i need to send PAIN to Mysore

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