A Second in Heaven…

Posted: November 14, 2008 in Love, Writing
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I knew I was still dreaming, because there she was, right in front of my eyes. She was jumping from one giant blue lotus to another just like a little girl playing on the streets, without any care in world- the happiest girl.

There was no doubt about it that it was she. I could hear that laughter even in if a thousand Diwali crackers were burst at the same time; as though she was right next to my right ear, her face so close to mine, lingering a little longer, a little more, a little more until I couldn’t bear the torture, and then that naughty happy laughter would erupt like a volcano, that has been contained somehow by the mightiest of power, and then the power is withdrawn- it bursts, it destroys, but in such a magnificent way that a boy being destroyed by that volcano, is happy and thankful. I was happy.

Among the thousands of Diwali crackers, she wanted to be like the rocket- fly high from the arms of Mother Earth into the company of infinite stars & burst into a magnificent treat for the sight, the brilliant flash of light: she was a star, only for a second though, but a star nonetheless. She said that, it would be enough for her.

Yes, it was she. The giant orange frog was once again hopping restlessly. It was trying to get her attention, to try & talk with her. I heard her happy, mad, annoyed shout- “Ayyooo DRaama! Eshtu drama nindu! … oooo sorry sorry- I love you re- I said I LOVE YOU!”. It wasn’t the first time I heard that line in her mesmerizing voice. She had said that same line, and more, not long ago, to me. And I was a fool. If I had half as much brain as that stupid frog, I would’ve jumped with joy like him.

It’s her. She’s hugging the giant orange frog and the frog is laughing wildly. I knew the feeling. It was a strange sensation of being tickled, as though an electricity of high voltage LOVE was flowing through my nerves & overwhelming my heart- as though I’m dying- a rush of blood is pumped in a desperate attempt, by my stupid, ignorant heart, to avoid death. My heart is foolish indeed. Why does it resist a death so beautiful- so full of eternal calm, in one last single breath, full of joyful chaos in all the nerves, holding her in my arms, while my eyes see her warm smile & die. With that picture, that feeling, that lingers on for eternity… Oh! Maybe it might be for a second, but nothing short of eternity for me!

It’s her. I have to be near her. I need to smell her long silk hair- the smell of a million flowers blooming in joy for this angel. I need to hold her hand again. I need to be in her arms. I need to hear that she loves me. I need to tell her that I love her, and I need to kiss her one more time- even if it is in a dream, only for a second, oh maybe even more, one more time. I want that second of heaven, again!

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  1. supreet says:

    hmmm….inspired by RHTDM

  2. Pavan Manjunath says:

    I don’t know whom are you referring in this article but its really nice man! Love is in the air, Mr.Singh? 🙂

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